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Our Mission

Bloom Medicinals mission is the delivery of value-based medical marijuana care. Through a compassionate approach to personalized care, Bloom Medicinals offers a variety of state-approved medical marijuana products resulting in efficacious treatment outcomes and improved quality of life.

Who We Are

Bloom Medicinals is a family-owned enterprise and a team with over 150 years combined management and operations experience in the cannabis, healthcare, diagnostics, pharmacy, retail and legal industries. At the fore of its vision is its commitment to high quality products and services, exceptional regulatory compliance, and a compassionate patient experience.

We handle every aspect of our cannabis operations in-house, from new market evaluation and entry, through facilities build-out, to compliance, operations and marketing. We write our own applications, we manage our own facilities, and we ensure program compliance at every level. Our team has unparalleled experience, vision and acumen necessary to ensure continued success.

Bloom Medicinals is a multi-state cannabis operator serving patients throughout the United States.



Cultivation Centers


Processing Centers



Patient care withtherapeutic cannabis

Bloom Medicinals utilizes an education and wellness-based approach to patient care, focusing upon patient healing, health and quality of life considerations. A variety of botanical strains encompassing the spectrum of CBD to THC ratios are offered in sativa, indica and hybrid strains in accordance with each market's regulations. Cannabinoid extracts and concentrates provide a variety of alternatives and address issues related to consistent dosing and rapid delivery of relief.

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Compliance & risk

Bloom Medicinals is committed to establishing state-of-the-art medical marijuana cultivation, processing, and dispensing facilities. We aspire to professionalize the cannabis industry and become a true resource for our patients. Our proven history of setting the standard of care ensures full regulatory compliance and long-term business success. We identify, assess and mitigate risks to our stakeholders through promotion of responsible use, regulatory compliance and evaluation of market trends.

Proprietaryoperations & software

lacing the patient first is not just part of our medical cannabis dispensary culture, it is the basis of our value creation. Sophisticated facility access and security, internal inventory control, standard operating procedures geared toward state-specific regulations, independent product testing and quality assurance, strict climate and sanitation controls, anti-diversion procedures, and operational redundancies are supported through customized technology solutions, creating an experience that meets patient and business needs.

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Sociallyresponsible practices

Bloom Medicinals recognizes conscious consumerism and conducts its operations with policies and procedures to minimize its footprint. Its facilities feature efficient appointments regulating renewable electricity, water and air filtration. As an active participant in our communities, Bloom Medicinals provides charitable contributions in the form of donations, food, toiletries and clothing drives, scholarships for students seeking careers in the field of cannabis science, and compassionate need programs geared toward assisting veterans, the indigent, and others who are experiencing financial hardship.

Community involvement &cannabis education

Promoting state medical cannabis programs and producing educational materials in print, email, online content, videos and verbal discussions helps educate and inform the communities we serve. Through participation in community events Bloom Medicinals is able to build brand awareness, de-stigmatize perceptual bias by addressing individual concerns one by one, and increase patient referrals and growth through simple relationship building. Managed coverage in local media helps increase awareness and positive information about Bloom Medicinals services. Periodic press releases help highlight the dispensary’s progress and work in the community.

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