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How to Apply for a Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card

Registering to receive medical marijuana through Arkansas's Medical Marijuana Program (AMMP) involves a three step process:

  Find A CTR Doctor
  Complete Registration
  Visit Dispensary

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Step 1:

AMMC Registration

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Step 2:

Find a Doctor

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Step 3:

Visit Bloom

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Step 1: Find a Doctor

Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor in AR

Find and schedule a visit with your Arkansas medical marijuana doctor to receive your written certification for the medical marijuana program.

  • Your physician will verify if you meet one of the qualifying conditions.
  • Make sure to bring a photocopy of your Arkansas issued driver's license or state ID and any medical records or doctor's note.
  • Physician certification must be submitted to the Arkansas Department of Health within 30 days.

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Step 2: Complete Patient Registration

Apply for Your Arkansas Medical Marijuana Card Online or by Mail

Once you have received a signed certification form, log into your Arkansas Medical Marijuana System account to:

  • Pay the nonrefundable $50 application fee and submit your patient application.
  • You may also download the patient application form and mail it in.

Online applications are preferred but if you are mailing your application, please send to:

Arkansas Department of Health
Medical Marijuana Section
4815 West Markham Slot 50
Little Rock, AR 72205

  The registration portal is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Step 3: Visit a Dispensary

Visit Our Texarkana Dispensary

Once you have received your Patient ID Card, you will be able to purchase from any of our Bloom Medicinals dispensaries or any other dispensary licensed by the State of Arkansas.

At Bloom Medicinals, our staff will be able to help educated you on:

  • The different administration methods available
  • Dosage procedures for each product
  • Product onset and duration times
  • And much more

  The department processes submitted applications in the order they were received.

  Reach out to us via the form above and we'll be happy to help you.