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Here at Bloom Medicinals we are dedicated to furthering medical marijuana research to empower our staff with the best tools to assist patients with their medical condition.

The Endocannabinoid System Helps Us Eat, Sleep, and Relax

By Bloom Medicinals | December 23, 2021

Every time I write about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), I discover more new information about how it all fits together. Scientists believe that the ECS is crucial to our survival and I cannot overstate how important it is to understand its functions. In this article I will explain  when it was discovered, how it works … Read more

Celebrities Who Use Their Status to Break the Cannabis Stigma

By Bloom Medicinals | December 23, 2021

I must commend any celebrity who uses their fame and fortune to champion worthy causes. I am referring to breaking the stigma of medical cannabis use and advocating for the legislation of cannabis reform laws. Many celebrities have had first hand experience using medical cannabis and have been advocating for its federal legislation for decades. … Read more

Things To Consider When Choosing Medical Cannabis For Sleep

By Bloom Medicinals | December 22, 2021

According to the National Institute of Health, the function of sleep is to remove the toxins in your brain that build up while you are awake. Unfortunately, good sleep habits elude 60 million Americans who suffer from chronic sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation is the #1 medical complaint in the US and has been linked to … Read more

Johns Hopkins Study: Medical Cannabis Usage May Extend Older Adults’ Worklife

By Bloom Medicinals | December 20, 2021

The majority of human clinical cannabis studies, sorely lacking in the US, use young and working age participants. Even though older adults experience many more health problems that can be relieved by medical cannabis, this demographic group has been largely ignored by researchers. This changed with the publication of a study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg … Read more

High THC Potency Doesn’t Cause More Impairment

By Bloom Medicinals | December 15, 2021

It may seem logical to assume that the higher the THC content of your cannabis, the greater the impairment and the greater its psychotropic effect. However, this is not the case according to a recent University of Colorado study. In this article I will be citing the study, explaining the results and their implications. I … Read more

Bloom Medicinals Commercial Cannabis Awards 2021 Nomination

By Bloom Medicinals | December 9, 2021

GHP News has announced the Commercial Cannabis Awards are returning! Aiming to promote and award the globe’s leading businesses and individuals, Bloom Medicinals has been nominated as one of the businesses at the forefront of an industry enjoying sustained growth year-over-year! The Commercial Cannabis Awards are open to everybody within the industry and an opportunity … Read more

The Most Influential Cannabis Research Studies In Over A Century

By Bloom Medicinals | November 9, 2021

In this article I will cite several landmark cannabis studies going back to the end of the 19th century. The goal of these studies was either to advance the understanding of the medicinal benefits and properties of cannabis or to debunk deleterious misinformation which demonized the plant. This list includes present day studies which are … Read more

8 Easy Steps To Decarboxylate Cannabis Flower

By Bloom Medicinals | November 9, 2021

Friend and fellow cannabis educator, Nikki Furrer, has just published a book about all things cannabis. She wrote it with women in mind; especially those who still struggle with the stigma of cannabis usage. The information she shares is presented in a very succinct manner that is easy to understand. For those patients just starting … Read more

Steps To Take If Your Pet Ingests THC

By Bloom Medicinals | November 9, 2021

What To Do When Your Pet Eats Your Cannabis Product If you have companion animals, it is crucial for their well-being to keep your stash of cannabis products with THC out of their reach. The brains of dogs and cats contain more cannabinoid receptors than those of humans. As a result, the effects of ingesting … Read more

Dispelling Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates

By Bloom Medicinals | November 9, 2021

Cannabis concentrates continue to gain in popularity in the US. In fact, concentrate sales increased by 40% in 2020 in both the medical and recreational markets. New technology has helped make dabbing easier and safer to use with the creation of innovative products such as portable vape pens, E-nails and DabTabs. The lockdowns and self-quarantines … Read more