How to Know if Your Cannabis is Good Quality

Learning how to evaluate weed quality can be an important skill for those who medicate with cannabis – especially those new to it. Determining if your weed is good quality takes some knowledge. That’s why we are going to share some tips on what you should look for. We say look for, because a lot of what goes into knowing if your weed is good comes down to its appearance. So, let’s begin by answering a question those who are new to medicating with cannabis, might be wondering.

Hemp vs Cannabis: What’s the Difference?

Have you ever wondered about the differences between hemp, cannabis, and marijuana? If so, you’ve come to the right place. It might surprise you that the distinction between the terms cannabis and hemp is a fairly recent thing in historical terms. The same goes for the term marijuana, which was not introduced into the American … Read more

What is RSO Oil Used For?

If you are new to medicating with cannabis and have wondered, “what is RSO” or  “what is RSO oil used for,” then you’ve come to the right place. RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil. Rick Simpson is a retired Canadian engineer turned medical cannabis activist. In 2003, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. Rick … Read more

What Does 710 Mean? An Homage To Cannabis Oil.

To all you lovers of cannabis oils, concentrates, extracts, waxes, and dabs, one of the newest marijuana holidays is coming up on 710 or July 10. If you take the numbers “710” and turn them upside-down, they spell “OIL,” which refers to THC oil. Give me a moment, I’m trying to concentrate – Image Source: … Read more

The LGBTQ Community’s Role in the Legalization of Medicinal Marijuana

Present day medical cannabis patients owe a debt of gratitude to the trailblazing LGBTQ activists from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Dennis Peron was one of these trailblazers. Dennis was a well-known cannabis provider who was a leading figure in San Fransisco’s gay community. He was also a cannabis activist who recognized its medicinal value … Read more

What Is a Landrace Strain?

Landrace Strains featured

Have you heard of old-school cannabis strains like Acapulco Gold, Maui Wowie, Afghani, or Durban Poison and wondered what makes them so special and how they got their names? These strains of cannabis are known as landrace strains–which are strains of cannabis that have thrived in a certain region for centuries. These strains have adapted … Read more

Does Cannabis Help with PTSD?

When the topic of medicating with cannabis comes up, one question that’s often asked is, “does cannabis help with mental health?” So, before we address the topic of cannabis and PTSD let’s explore the question, how does cannabis affect your mental health? Cannabis and Mental Health Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery (MIND) has conducted a … Read more