Cotton Candy Strain

Get ready to be captivated by “Cotton Candy,” WonderGrove’s latest masterpiece in our esteemed collection of exceptional cannabis strains. Our legacy of crafting renowned strains like Super Lemon Haze, Cake Batter, and Bacio Gelato continues to flourish with the introduction of this enchanting creation. Much like the cherished carnival confection it’s named after, Cotton Candy … Read more

8 Reasons to Keep Your Ohio Medical Marijuana Card if Recreational Use Passes

If recreational cannabis gets legalized in Ohio, some patients may wonder whether they still need their medical marijuana card. But maintaining your status as a registered patient will provide important benefits even after adult-use laws take effect. We Covered Some of Ohio’s Recreational Progress, check it out: Will Marijuanas be Legalized in Ohio 2023? Reasons … Read more

Blunt VS Joint: Difference Between a Joint and Blunt

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, two popular options that often come up are joints and blunts. Both are classic methods of consumption, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of joints and blunts, uncovering their differences, the process of rolling each, and where to … Read more

Strawberry Cookies OG Strain

Strawberry Cookies OG is a smooth hitting hybrid strain with a sweet scent reminiscent of strawberries, grapes, incense, and a hint of fuel. Strawberry Cookies Strain Strawberry Cookies OG by is a hybrid of Strawberry OG and Ethos Cookies #16. Here’s why that matters. Strawberry OG claims two heavy hitters as its cannabis ancestors. We’re … Read more

Baby Banner Strain

If you live in Missouri and haven’t tried Baby Banner by Field Trip Flower, make sure to add it to your list of must-try strains. This sweet-smelling, hard-hitting strain is sure to give you a transformative body high reminiscent of Bruce Banner.  Baby BannerGenetics Featuring FieldTrip Flowerby Wondergrove Baby Banner Strain Highlight Baby Banner is a … Read more

Cake Batter Strain

Cake Batter Strain is a tasty and potent phenotype of Wedding Cake. A phenotype is the physical expression of a plant’s genetic composition. For example, Wedding Cake is a hybrid of the strains Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie. The seeds of the female plants of Wedding Cake are considered phenotypes since they’re an expression … Read more

Will Marijuanas be Legalized in Ohio 2023?

If you live in Ohio, you’ve most likely heard people talking about the Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative. Depending on which politician, online forum, or news station you listen to – you may have heard conflicting opinions about it. That’s why we’re going to take a moment to explain what this Ohio cannabis initiative is all … Read more

UK Cheese Strain

UK Cheese is a strain of cannabis known for its pungent aroma, potent effects, and unique flavor. UK Cheese first gained popularity in the 1980s. Since then, it has become a must-have strain for cannabis lovers around the world. UK Cheese’s distinct aroma, described as a blend of cheese and skunk – is fairly strong … Read more

Bacio Gelato Strain

Bacio is Italian for the word, kiss. Gelato strains of cannabis are known for their sweet and fruity flavors. So, according to its name, this hybrid strain provides those lucky enough to find it, with a kiss of sweetness. Besides its pleasant taste, Bacio Gelato is also known for its rich smoke and potent effects. … Read more