Your New Cannabis Vape Cartridge May Not Appear Full – But It Is

As a regular cannabis vape cartridge user, you may have noticed that even when new, your vape cartridge doesn’t look full. You have probably wondered if you are getting a full cartridge of oil. In this article I will list the different wicking materials and coils and clarify why this phenomenon occurs by defining capillary … Read more

The AIDS Activists Who Launched The Medical Cannabis Industry

When did the Medical Cannabis Movement Start? Present day cannabis activists and the entire cannabis industry owe a debt of gratitude to the trailblazing AIDS and LGBT activists from the 1970s-90s. Many risked their freedom to push forward cannabis reform laws. In this article I will chronicle the accomplishments of just a few of the … Read more

How To Shop at a Missouri Cannabis Clinic: Top 5 Dispensary Tips

Now is an exciting time to be in Missouri if you have been looking for a natural alternative for potential relief from numerous health conditions. Since Missourians voted to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2018, the state has authorized licenses for 196 cannabis dispensaries. Now, anyone who is a registered patient under the Medical Marijuana Regulatory … Read more

Why Does Marijuana Make You Cough?

Reasons Smoking Cannabis May Cause Coughing and Ways To Avoid It Coughing after smoking any substance, whether cannabis or tobacco, is a common physiological response which protects the lungs from irritation. However, not everybody coughs after smoking cannabis and if you do, there are steps you can take to minimize or avoid coughing. There are … Read more