The Most Influential Cannabis Research Studies In Over A Century

In this article I will cite several landmark cannabis studies going back to the end of the 19th century. The goal of these studies was either to advance the understanding of the medicinal benefits and properties of cannabis or to debunk deleterious misinformation which demonized the plant. This list includes present day studies which are … Read more

8 Easy Steps To Decarboxylate Cannabis Flower

Friend and fellow cannabis educator, Nikki Furrer, has just published a book about all things cannabis. She wrote it with women in mind; especially those who still struggle with the stigma of cannabis usage. The information she shares is presented in a very succinct manner that is easy to understand. For those patients just starting … Read more

Steps To Take If Your Pet Ingests THC

What To Do When Your Pet Eats Your Cannabis Product If you have companion animals, it is crucial for their well-being to keep your stash of cannabis products with THC out of their reach. The brains of dogs and cats contain more cannabinoid receptors than those of humans. As a result, the effects of ingesting … Read more

Dispelling Misconceptions About Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates continue to gain in popularity in the US. In fact, concentrate sales increased by 40% in 2020 in both the medical and recreational markets. New technology has helped make dabbing easier and safer to use with the creation of innovative products such as portable vape pens, E-nails and DabTabs. The lockdowns and self-quarantines … Read more

What Gives Purple Cannabis Flower Its Pigmentation?

Purple cannabis flower is aesthetically very pleasing and I join the many cannabis aficionados who love the look of it. Before I was tasked with writing about purple cannabis flower, I just assumed that the purple color was due to a specific terpene content. However, this is not the case. There is also some confusion … Read more