Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Landrace Strains

Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexican culture and heritage. We celebrate their cannabis contributions.

From colorful decorations to traditional Mexican dishes and Mariachi music, there are so many fun ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

But did you know that May 5th is not actually Mexico’s Independence Day?

That’s right, Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over France in the battle of Puebla. The reason it is such a big deal is because the Mexican Army was considered a huge underdog – making the victory unexpected.

Mexico’s actual Day of Independence is celebrated on September 16th.

Besides those who live in Puebla, Cinco de Mayo is not really a big deal for many who live in Mexico. Some say the reason Cinco de Mayo is so heavily celebrated in the United States is due to advertising campaigns by alcohol companies encouraging people to celebrate with a beer, shot, or margarita. 

But there’s nothing saying that you have to drink on Cinco de Mayo. It’s perfectly fine to avoid the alcohol and keep it green, or verde as they say in Mexico.

If you plan to stay California sober there are many amazing strains of cannabis that come from Mexico. One of the most well known is Acapulco Gold, which is a landrace strain.

For cannabis enthusiasts, incorporating landrace strains into your Cinco de Mayo celebrations can be a fun way to elevate your fiesta. 

Landrace strains are unique cannabis varieties that have been preserved and grown in their native regions for generations. In this blog post, we’ll quickly explore what landrace strains are and how you can infuse them into your Cinco de Mayo festivities.  

What are Landrace Strains?

Landrace strains are unique cannabis varieties that have evolved naturally in their native regions for hundreds or even thousands of years. These strains are characterized by their distinct genetics and adaptations to specific environments, resulting in a wide range of effects, flavors, and aromas.

Unlike modern hybrid strains that have been crossbred to enhance specific traits, Landrace strains have not been genetically manipulated or modified in any way.

Landrace strains are named after the regions they’re found in. The thing that makes true landrace strains special is that they have not been crossbred with other types of cannabis.
And, it’s this genetic purity and consistency that sets landrace cannabis strains apart.

Since true landrace strains consistently maintain their unique genetics and are not mixed with other strains, landrace strains will tend to be either indica or sativa dominant.

Landrace Strains featured

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Mexican Landrace Strains:

Acapulco Gold (AKA Mexican Sativa):

This legendary Landrace strain hails from the Guerrero Mountain range near Acapulco, Mexico. It’s a sativa strain of cannabis that’s known for its gold, green, and brown coloring and uplifting, cerebral effects that can promote creativity.

It has a rich caramelized toffee scent with woodsy undertones. Its flavor is known to be earthy and pine-like with a creamy sweetness.

Helpful in alleviating: anxiety, depression, and loss of appetite, Acapulco Gold’s famous offspring include Skunk #1 .
Some interesting facts about Acapulco Gold include that it was named a Top 25 Best Cannabis Strain of All Time by High Times magazine. It is said to be a  favorite of actor Jack Nicholson. Word on the street says that future Vice President, Dan Quayle received some Acapulco Gold as a wedding gift. We can not confirm whether he inhaled or not. 

Other Mexican Landrace Strains:

Besides Alcapulco Gold, there are many other Mexican landrace strains that may be worth trying, if you can get a hold of them – including:


Another classic landrace strain from Mexico, Oaxacan is named after the Oaxaca region where it is grown. It has a sweet and spicy aroma, and produces a euphoric, energizing high.


Originates from the Guerrero region of Mexico. It has a sweet, fruity flavor and a mellow, happy high.


From the Michoacán region of Mexico, it has a spicy, herbal aroma and a relaxing, stress-relieving effect.

Pure Power Plant:

While not a Mexican landrace strain, Pure Power Plant is a hybrid strain that is believed to have landrace genetics. It has a piney flavor and a strong, euphoric high to spice up your Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Keep in mind that the effects of each strain  of cannabis will be different for all and will depend on how that strain’s cannabinoids and terpenes interact with your endocannabinoid system. 

Want to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo California Sober? 

As we mentioned, there is nothing saying that you must consume alcohol on Cinco de Mayo. So why not skip the hangover, and go California sober?

Although many of the landrace strains we’ve mentioned can be hard to find, remember that many of today’s hybrid strains can trace their lineage back to a landrace strain. For example, Skunk #1.

You can say that Skunk #1 is a parent of many of today’s popular cannabis strains. It is a mix of the landrace strains Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Columbian Gold.

Through the years, Skunk #1 has been used to create so many great strains including Lemon Skunk and UK Cheese, aka Cheese Exodus. If you happen to live in Missouri and want to enjoy the offspring of these quality strains – you’re in luck. 

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