Celebrities Who Use Their Status to Break the Cannabis Stigma

I must commend any celebrity who uses their fame and fortune to champion worthy causes. I am referring to breaking the stigma of medical cannabis use and advocating for the legislation of cannabis reform laws. Many celebrities have had first hand experience using medical cannabis and have been advocating for its federal legislation for decades. In this article I showcase just a few of the celebrities who have used their positive personal experiences to change the minds of those who fear the stigma. Many of them have developed medical cannabis product lines which gives their products credibility, trustworthiness and quality in the minds of their fans.

Willie Nelson

Not only has Willie openly used cannabis for decades, he has advocated for its federal legalization. He holds himself up as an example of the preventative properties that cannabis provides for its consumers; that it should be an important component of any wellness plan.

Willie’s Remedy

Earlier this year, Willie launched his first CBD brand. The first product is Willie’s Remedy Whole Bean Coffee. Hemp-infused tinctures are also part of his product line. The full spectrum extract tinctures are made from local Colorado hemp flower, infused into organic fractionated coconut oil. It can be taken sublingually or added to food or drinks.

Willie and his wife Annie Nelson are also planning to add edible confections, hemp oil vapes and topicals.

Willie will be the first to publicly state that industrial hemp production is not only good for farmers and the economy, it is good for the soil, the environment and our health. Hemp production may be just the lifeline that small, independent farmers need to keep their farms profitable.

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Seth Rogen

Canadian actor Seth Rogen has never shied away from talking about his cannabis usage. In fact, his public and shameless flaunting of his cannabis usage is his way of normalizing it in an attempt to remove the social stigma. He wants people to see that a smart, funny, comedian, actor and businessman can be successful while enjoying cannabis.

His activism also includes advocating for social justice reform. He is a long-time member of NORML and he has spoken at their conferences regarding our broken legal system. He just did a PSA for National Expungement Week which was held September 21-28. There were 40 events in 30 cities dedicated to helping those with non-violent drug offenses to expunge their criminal record. The initiative offered workshops with lawyers providing their services. Other opportunities for participants included jobs fairs and voter registration.

And yes, Seth Rogen is finally launching his long-awaited cannabis company which has been in the works since 2013. He is teaming up with his childhood friend, fellow Canadian, director Evan Goldberg, to launch their company, Houseplant. The cannabis will be produced by Canadian cannabis giant, Canopy Growth and will be available for purchase in British Columbia and environs. Years of expertise and careful crafting of quality strains have gone into creating this brand.

Houseplant Sativa, Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica are the first 3 offerings. Pre-rolls and gels will follow shortly afterwards.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart needs no introduction. She is also collaborating with Canopy Growth to provide CBD hemp products for humans and pets. Martha’s standing among older mainstream consumers may make her the perfect spokesperson to change the minds of those previously hesitant to try cannabis products. Attaching Stewart’s name to CBD products should go a long way to pushing it into mainstream territory.

Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has a very specific target market for her line of cannabis products; for women who have never tried it or tried it decades ago and had such a bad experience that they never tried it again. She is all about educating this demographic of reluctant moms and newbie middle-aged users. She wants to teach them about micro-dosing. She can relate as someone who embraced cannabis anew after a significant time away from it. She recognizes that it provided both physical and mental relief. It even helped her stop using sleeping pills.

Her millions of fans love her for her candor about her cannabis usage. She is also a cannabis activist who spotlights the need for federal legalization and social justice reform.

She collaborated with NorCal Cannabis, based in Santa Rosa, CA. They are a vertically-integrated company that does it all. They grow it, process it, package it and distribute it. Her initial product line features three vape cartridges and an edible which is low-THC/high CBD.

Montel Williams

Montel Williams has been one of the most vociferous advocates of medical cannabis. He uses it to relieve the symptoms of MS. When he received his diagnosis in 1999, he immediately went public. After trying other treatment options with no success, his doctor recommended medical cannabis. He found it to be the most effective treatment for his debilitating neuropathic pain.

Williams has advocated for the reform of cannabis laws for 20 years. He has helped to pass medical cannabis legislation in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. He continues his work of pushing for federal reform and for reform in states where they have no medical cannabis program.

In 2016, he launched a line of medical cannabis CBD products under the name of LenitivLabs in collaboration with Cura Cannabis, a Portland-based cannabis oil manufacturer. Williams was instrumental in developing and formulating the CBD capsules.

The Alert Formula uses terpene profiles known to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, pain, inflammation and stress. It supports memory retention while promoting alertness.

The Relax Formula uses terpenes known to enhance mood, promote relaxation and restful sleep, control anxiety, depression and insomnia while acting as an anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson of Saturday Night Live fame makes no effort to hide his cannabis usage. He wants the public to know that he has a serious health condition, Crohn’s Disease, that he controls with medical cannabis. He is eager to talk about how much cannabis relieves his chronic stomach pain and increases his appetite so that he can eat. He is certain that without cannabis, he would not be able to function and work.


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