Edibles Are Legal At Arkansas Dispensaries

Edibles are available for purchase at Arkansas dispensaries. But, there is a very limited supply of products and there are several restrictions on what type of edible is allowed. Arkansas law does allow medical cannabis patients to make their own edibles at home. In this article I will discuss the restrictions imposed on edibles at Arkansas dispensaries. I will share other information about who is allowed to make edibles at home, a warning about keeping them away from children and pets and tips on making edibles in your own kitchen. I will also list the edible products now available at Bloom Medicinals Texarkana.

Restrictions Regarding Edibles At Arkansas Dispensaries 

The Arkansas Alcohol and Beverage Control agency is responsible for the licensure of medical cannabis dispensaries. The agency dictates the type of products that Arkansas dispensaries are allowed to sell. Arkansas prohibits the sale of medical cannabis products that “closely resemble foods or beverages that are attractive to children.” Here are the restrictions:

  • Edibles in the form of candy, cookies, pastries, brownies and chewing gum are prohibited
  • Edibles in the shape of animals, vehicles or characters that are typically consumed by or marketed to children are prohibited
  • Edibles which are simply an addition of cannabinoid products to commercially available items are prohibited. However, patients are free to buy extracts and produce their own edibles at home
  • Edibles will only be sold in childproof packaging in containers that have nondescript colors and simple designs

Only the actual amount of cannabis in the edible product will be tallied against each patient’s allotment of 2.5 oz every 14 days rather than the weight of the entire edible product.

Be Mindful of the Law

Only medical cannabis cardholders and their caregivers are allowed to bake, cook or produce edibles. Only patients are allowed to consume the finished product.

Keep Edibles Away From Children and Pets

This should be fairly obvious, but it never hurts repeating. Any product made at home must be stored and kept in a childproof container, out of reach of children and pets.

Making Your Own Medical Cannabis Edibles at Home

There are several reasons that patients prefer to make their own edibles:

  1. It is much cheaper than buying packaged edibles. If you are on a tight budget, learning to make your own edibles is worth it!
  2. You can use shake or even the remains of your cannabis teas, tinctures or topicals in edibles.
  3. You can easily convert foods that you prefer into cannabis-infused foods.
  4. Choose the strains you need and perfect the potency of your edibles.
  5. With packaged edibles, you are limited by your dispensary’s choice of strains and potencies.
  6. The only downside is that you may have a problem controlling an even distribution of your medicine when you first start making edibles.

Considerations When Making Your Own Edibles

  • Cooking time and temperature are very important
  • Infuse your oils/butter/honey with cannabis first and then add them to your recipes
  • Do not grind your cannabis too finely
  • Add water when infusing oil or butter. This allows you to infuse at a lower temperature. The water will simply boil off.
  • Make sure to stir your recipe well so that the cannabis is evenly distributed

Controlled Dosage 

For those new to cannabis edibles, the amount of THC is listed on the label of each product; for the serving size and for the entire product. This will take the guesswork out of determining the dosing. The cannabinoids in commercial products tend to be more evenly distributed than home-made edibles. This leads me to a very crucial guideline for new edible users.

Dosing: Start Low and Increase Gradually

This is particularly important for new users of edibles which contain substantial amounts of THC. Everyone responds differently to medical cannabis based on many different factors. You can always eat more, but if you eat too big a portion, the experience may be unpleasant. The effects are slow to start but then become increasingly intense and can last for several hours.

The general guideline is to start off with a dose which contains 5 milligrams (mg) of THC. You should wait for 24 hours to assess the effects. If you did not experience the effect you were expecting, increase your dosage by another 5 mg. The label will indicate the serving size with the THC content as well as how much THC is contained in the entire product.

BTW, patients may use our online ordering platform to pre-order before coming to the store. All that is required is your name and phone number at checkout.

For many patients, cannabis infused edibles are the most appealing delivery method. They are especially effective for those who require long-lasting symptom relief. If you need to medicate throughout the day, edibles are not only portable but they also provide discretion. If you like to cook, the possibilities are endless as you embrace your “inner foodie!”


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