Evidence-Based Research Supports Marijuana Slows Tumor Growth

While medical marijuana has shown to be effective in the treatment of many diseases, it has perhaps had the biggest impact on cancer patients. Cancer is classified as the invasion of abnormal cell growth that spreads to parts of the body. Cancer can be accompanied by pain, weight loss and nausea that can sometimes be unbearable and lead to extreme weight loss. Recent studies are showing that THC and other cannabinoids are slowing the growth of these cells which can help increase life expectancy and treatment for the disease. THC is helping increase appetite while simultaneously reducing nausea. As a result, weight loss is not as severe and quality of life is not hindered.

Can Cannabis Slow Cancer Growth?

Cannabinoid or CBD oil was studied in reference to the ID-1 gene that is responsible for cancer to spread and metastasize. The psychoactive chemical compound helped “shut off” the gene which would stop the cells from replicating at a rapid rate.

This discovery was not the only lone finding in researching THC’s effect on its benefits to cancer patients. The evolution of this research since, has continued to grow and there are now countless scientific journal entries documenting the proven benefits of medical cannabis. The Oncogene journal, is one well-respected publication source that shares how medical marijuana can help with lung cancer.

According to the 2007 Oncogene publication, Tetrahydrocannabinol Inhibits Epithelial Growth Factor- Induced Lung Cancer Cell Migration”, we are provided evidenced based research on how to effectively “slow” cancer growth. The article mentions it is the psychoactive component THC that is responsible for blocking cell movement. As a result, the cells remain localized which helps keep the disease at an earlier stage. This also gives the patient a stronger prognosis and outlook related to survival rate.

In the 2007 publication, “Marijuana Cuts Lung Cancer Tumor Growth in Half” the Harvard University clinical team went even further in studying the connection between THC and lung cancer.  According the article, researchers studied mice with metastatic cancer cells for three weeks and found those who obtained doses of THC had their tumors shrink by 50 percent compared to the control group. It was documented that there was approximately a 60 percent cancer reduction in the lungs and protein markers with the disease had diminished with it.

Can Cannabis Cure Cancer?

Researchers all seem to be in close agreement that medical marijuana should now be looked at as an innovation in modern medicine. Marijuana viewpoints are now moving in a positive direction with proven journal studies and experiments documenting its beneficial effects. As more and more research is done daily about medical marijuana, more and more information should be given to public to help combat the disease and its symptoms. It is expected that even more benefits related to medical marijuana will be uncovered in the near future.