THC Suppositories: The Benefits for Abdominal Cramps & Pain

Did you know that pollen from a Cannabis plant was found on the mummy of Ramesses II, who died in 1213 BC? In fact, it was noted in an Egyptian medical papyrus of herbal knowledge from 1550 BC (Ebers Papyrus) that medical cannabis can be effective in treating inflammation.1 Not only that, but there is also evidence to suggest that the ancient Egyptians used cannabis for a wide range of medical applications including enema’s and to help cool the uterus.2

So, although cannabis suppositories might seem like a new thing for some, their use for medicinal purposes actually goes back thousands of years. 

What Makes THC Suppositories Different?

So, what is it about rectal and vaginal THC Suppositories that makes them different from other methods of ingesting cannabis? Before we answer that, let’s define exactly what cannabis suppositories are.

THC and CBD suppositories are round, cone-, or bullet-, shaped doses of medicine that are inserted into the rectum or vagina. Once the suppository is inserted, it melts and releases the healing power of cannabinoids into our bodies. Cannabis suppositories can contain THC or CBD, or a combination of both. They will often use ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, or cocoa butter as a base since cannabinoids are fat soluble.

Suppositories are considered to be an effective way for those experiencing severe nausea or vomiting to medicate. 

How Suppositories Work

First of all, suppositories go to work quicker than other forms of cannabis consumption. Although more research needs to be done, what we do know is that suppositories allow the THC and CBD to be absorbed quickly into our bodies through rectal or vaginal mucosa.

Since cannabinoids like THC and CBD are fat-soluble, they’re able to be absorbed into our body tissue and spread locally. This can be thought of similar to a topical cream that you apply to the area you are seeking relief. But instead of applying it to your skin, suppositories release the healing power of cannabis internally in a more localized and targeted manner.

This is different from other methods of ingesting cannabis where cannabinoids enter our bloodstream and are circulated throughout our bodies.

Benefits of THC & CBD Suppositories

Since the pelvic region of our bodies are filled with muscles, nerves, and cannabinoid receptors, this can make suppositories effective in treating issues that are close in proximity to our mid-sections and lower bodies..

This is especially true when suppositories contain both THC and CBD. That’s because this allows your body to benefit from what is known as the entourage effect–which basically says that by ingesting THC and CBD together, patients can enjoy a more complete cannabis experience.

Some of the benefits that have been attributed to suppositories containing both THC & CBD include:

  • Relief of lower back, hip, bowel, and menopausal pain and discomfort 
  • Reducing inflammation related to hemorrhoids and Crohn’s Disease
  • Alleviating muscle and menstrual pain

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the benefits of medicating with cannabis suppositories, let’s examine the similarities and differences between Rectal & Vaginal suppositories.

Rectal & Vaginal Suppositories

Many THC and CBD suppositories can be used through either the rectum or the vagina. The best way to medicate will come down to your personal preference, body type, product type, and the benefit you are seeking.

THC Rectal Suppositories

According to recent research, the bioavailability of cannabis through rectal absorption is about twice that of oral absorption.3 That means that our bodies can absorb twice the amount of health-enhancing cannabinoids like THC and CBD when we ingest cannabis rectally vs. orally.

This can make rectal suppositories a great way to maximize the health benefits of medical cannabis in a cost-efficient manner. 

Rectal suppositories have been thought to help treat:

  • Prostate problems
  • Hemorrhoid inflammation
  • Digestive issues
  • Lower back pain

THC Vaginal Suppositories:

Although research on the bioavailability of THC and CBD within the vagina is still in its early stages, it is believed that the vagina and female reproductive tract are filled with  cannabinoid receptors. This can make vaginal suppositories a great way to maximize the therapeutic benefits of THC and CBD.

Vaginal suppositories have been thought to help alleviate discomfort from:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Menopause
  • Pelvic tension and discomfort
  • Pain during intercourse

Either Way, Suppositories Can Provide Relief Where You Need It Most

Since cannabinoids are fat soluble, rectal and vaginal suppositories allow our bodies to quickly absorb THC and CBD and release their healing powers to the area where we need it most.

By doing so, most patients will be able to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects commonly associated with it. Which brings us to a frequently asked question…

Will THC Suppositories Make You Feel High?

Often, one of the questions that comes up with suppositories is “will THC suppositories make me feel high?” For the most part, the answer is no.

Although research on cannabis suppositories is  limited, the majority of those who medicate with cannabis suppositories do not experience psychoactive effects. So, for most, THC suppositories can be an effective way to enjoy the healing benefits of cannabis without experiencing the psychoactive effects of THC.

However, it is important to note that everyone’s experience with cannabis will be different. Some people have reported feeling full-body highs after medicating with THC suppositories. So, if you are new to suppositories it is best to start slowly as far as dosing goes. 

THC Suppository Frequency and Dosage

In general, when it comes to suppositories, most people will find that they can handle higher doses of THC without feeling its psychoactive effects. This can make suppositories suitable for those who need stronger dosages of medication without feeling high.

As with any other method of ingesting THC or CBD it is best to start slowly and build from there. If you are new to THC, it would be good to start with a 10 mg dose. 

As far as frequency goes, it will vary.  If you are using them to help relieve lower back pain, you would only use them when the pain arises. On the other hand, if you are taking them to help reduce the discomfort of menstrual cramps, then you might use suppositories for a few days when your cramps are the worst.  

How to Use a Suppository

First, suppositories are much easier to insert and less messy if they are firm to the touch.

So, you’ll want to start by placing your suppositories in the refrigerator ahead of time. Although you’ll only need a few minutes of refrigeration to achieve the right amount of firmness, most manufacturers recommend keeping them refrigerated.

Next, you will want to wash your hands.

Then, you’ll want to take your underwear off and get into a position that will make it easy to insert the suppository. Some might place a leg up on the bathtub, while others might lay on their backs and pull their knees toward their chest.

Once you are in position, you can go ahead and place the suppository on the tip of your finger and press the suppository into the rectum or vagina. If you like, you could use a little bit of lubricant..

It will generally take 15 – 20 minutes for the suppository to melt and be absorbed into your system.

It might be a good idea to insert your suppository ahead of a time that you will be lying down for a bit, like bedtime. This way you can avoid any potential leakage.

Potential Side Effects

There have been very few reported adverse effects from medicating with THC and CBD suppositories. For anyone dealing with allergies it is very important to examine the list of ingredients in that suppository to make sure it does not contain anything that could cause an allergic reaction.

As with any type of medicine, it is important to consult with your physician before introducing a new form of medication. Your doctor can help to determine if there are any potential risks or side effects depending on your current condition and any medications you might be taking. 

Final Considerations When Medicating with Suppositories

One thing to keep in mind when considering medicating with suppositories is that THC suppositories are not legal in all 50 states. However, CBD suppositories that do not contain THC are.

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  2. Manniche, Lise PhD, An Ancient Egyptian Herbal, Austin, University of Texas Press, 1989