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Bloom Medicinals’ goal is to maximize shareholder value through high-quality medical cannabis and compassionate care that leads to long-lasting customer relationships. Striving to deliver exponential growth.


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What Sets Bloom Medicinals Apart?

Bloom Medicinals is a family owned business with vertically integrated cannabis operations in multiple states. We strive to maximize shareholder value by providing unsurpassed patient care and high-quality products to help patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Our management team possesses more than 150 years of collective experience in healthcare, retail, compliance, technology, agriculture, consumer products, and entrepreneurship.

We’ve also developed proprietary technology solutions that enable us to meet the demands of operating in a compliance-driven retail market. These core competencies create excellent opportunities for continued expansion and exponential growth in profitability for our investors.

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Where We Are Planted

Headquarters located in the Sunshine State of Florida.

Making Little America a little greener.

Placing Buckeyes and cannabis at The Heart of It All.