How to Get Rid of That Weed Smell

Hopefully, this has never happened to you. You’ve enjoyed a little bit of cannabis and go about your business. As you walk around, you notice people looking at you. You convince yourself that you’re just being paranoid and continue on. Then suddenly, someone walks up to you with a big smile on their face and … Read more

Turn Your Thanksgiving Dinner into a Danksgiving Feast

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to reflect on what we’re thankful for. Family, friends, and good health are usually at the top of the list. And, if you’re like us, cannabis might make the list as well. So, as we get ready to gather with friends and family, we wanted to share some easy ways to transform your Thanksgiving dinner into a Happy Danksgiving feast.
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Maryland Court Denies Police Searches Based on Cannabis Smell Alone

In a decision issued at the beginning of May, 2021 a Maryland appeals court has issued a ruling that the odor of cannabis alone does not constitute probable cause to justify a police search under the Fourth Amendment. A “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is being committed is required before Maryland police can detain an … Read more

Hard Candies Made With RSO Recipe


One of the joys of being part of the cannabis community is meeting wonderfully talented people. One such woman is Dorothy-Rourke Stiver who has been gracious enough to share her original recipes. SIDE NOTE: Dorothy typically uses RSO (Rick Simpson Oil of Full Extract Cannabis Oil) for several reasons: It is ready to use; decarboxylation … Read more