How to Get a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card

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If you're looking to obtain your Maryland medical marijuana card, Bloom can guide you through confirming your eligibility, connecting with a certified provider, completing your evaluation, and securing your card. Plus, get the best deals at Bloom - fill out the form to start your journey with us!

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Step 1:

Register with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA)

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Step 2:

Obtain a Written Certification from an MCA-Registered Provider

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Step 3:

Visit a Licensed Maryland Dispensary, Preferably Germantown’s Bloom

Maryland Medical Marijuanas Card Requirements

To get a Maryland Medical Marijuana Card, follow these steps: Register with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA), get a written certification from an MCA-registered provider, and then visit your local Bloom Dispensary to access medicinal cannabis for the best savings around Germantown.

Step 1: MMCC Registration

Register with the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA)

Adult Patients (18+ years of age):

Before you begin your application, review the Process Overview for adult patient registration with MCA. Ensure you have all necessary documents ready for a smooth registration process. The process for obtaining medical cannabis in Maryland involves registering with the MCA, obtaining a provider's certification, and purchasing from a licensed dispensary. The provider's certification in the context of the Maryland Cannabis Administration process is a formal document issued by a healthcare provider who is registered with them.

Minor Patients (Under 18 years of age):

Minors must have a caregiver associated with their MCA account. Caregivers should be parents or legal guardians over 21. Before registering a minor patient, caregivers need to complete their registration with MCA. Review the Process Overview and Quick Reference Card for detailed steps on minor patient registration.

  • A goverment issued Photo ID - driver's license, military ID or passport
  • Proof of Maryland address - utility bill, bank statement, federal or state document
  • A recent headshot using the same style as your driver's license or passport
  • Last four digits of your social security number
  • A valid email address
  • You must complete your online application in one session, you will not be able to save and complete it at a later time.

For more information on the caregiver registration process, please visit the Caregivers page.

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Step 2: Find a Cannabis Doctor

Obtain a Written Certification from an MCA-Registered Provider

Once you're registered, you need a written certification from a healthcare provider registered with MCA. This certification confirms that medical cannabis is an appropriate treatment for your condition. Providers must have an active, unrestricted Maryland license and be registered to prescribe controlled substances in the state.

Visit the Provider Registry to find a registered provider. The patient-provider relationship is essential, and your condition must qualify under Maryland's approved medical conditions for cannabis use.

Step 3: Visit Your Dispensary

Visit Your Local Bloom Dispensary

With your MCA Patient ID and provider certification, you can visit your local Bloom dispensary to purchase medical cannabis. Present your MCA ID card at the dispensary, where the staff will verify your certification and guide you on the available products.

Remember, Maryland law permits the purchase of a maximum of a thirty-day supply of medical cannabis at one time. Ensure to track your purchases and adhere to state regulations.

  • Important Note:
    Your certification must be used to purchase medical cannabis within 120 days; otherwise, it becomes null and void.

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