Medical Marijuana Products

We understand the value of high-quality medicinal cannabis, If we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't sell it. We strive to provide the best in care and quality for patients, friends, and family. We're always putting out new items, but have a look at some of our most popular products below.


Medical Marijuana Flower

Medical Marijuana Flower is the smokable portion of a cannabis plant. Flower is the most popular and accessible form of marijuana due to all of the methods available to consume it - whether it’s papers, pipes, or processed. Flower is alternatively known as bud or nugs, and is one of the most recognized forms of marijuana.


THC Concentrates

Bloom Medicinals is home to some of the best medical concentrates. Concentrates are made by distilling marijuana plants down to it’s most desired pieces - containing all of the cannabinoids and terpenes minus the plant material. Those cannabinoids and terpenes are what create the effects and flavors of your favorite cannabis products. Visit one of our Bloom dispensaries and our budtenders will gladly show you what we carry and how they can alleviate symptoms you’re experiencing.


THC Edibles

Edibles are another great way to consume medical marijuana without any of the smoke or combustion regularly involved - at the cost of consuming a few additional calories! Compared to inhaling marijuana, bodies process edibles differently by having longer lasting effects. We offer a variety of edible styles, from gummies to chocolates, at all of our dispensaries. Take a look at our inventory and see what we have available.


THC Vape Carts

Vaping is a smokeless form of ingesting cannabis. When you use a vaporizer, you utilize a heating method to vaporize the ingredients collected from marijuana plants. Our available medical vape carts are tested by state licensed 3rd-party affiliates in order to meet all of the regulatory requirements of each state we operate and distribute within. If you’re looking for a smokeless method to consume medical marijuana, reach out to our team with any questions and we can get you started.

Cannabis Pot
Cannabis Pot

Kief (Keef)

The sticky crystals that cover cannabis and accumulate in grinders is called kief, also spelled as keef. It’s one part of marijuana trichomes, but is commonly collected and used in a variety of ways - perfect for those that love concentrates, but want to limit the amount of combusted material you absorb into your body. With kief, you can add it to bowls, press rosin, or even add to edibles for increased potency.

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Great Medical Marijuana Helping Real Patients

I suffer from stomach disease.. Derek was the specialist who helped me find something that was rich in he knew CBGs would help me the most. I had never heard of CBGs before but took his advice. Wow ! Thank you! Derek is the person you want if you aren't sure what will help you most effectively. Thanks Derek for the Personalized white glove service!

Real Bloom Review - Bloom Ohio

I love Bloom. Every single time I come in to this dispensary, I am welcomed by people who genuinely see. to enjoy their job. The staff are all very helpful and patient with all my of questions, and I have never had a bad recommendation on product by a staff member. All of them are so friendly and so knowledgeable. Thank you guys!

Real Bloom Review - Bloom Maryland

Buttery Effect
Klutch Cannabis

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