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Consuming edibles are a classic alternative to smoking marijuana while being able to enjoy the medical benefits of cannabinoids and terpenes. Edible applications can range from THC infused foods like gummies, chocolates, and candies. Tinctures are also a form of edibles that can be used alongside your eating routine.


Edible Medical Relief

Consuming edibles is a great form of alternative relief for people with medical condtions that lead a dedicated no-smoking lifestyle and still be able to experience the medical benefits of marijuana. You can eat cannabis raw like it were a salad, but edibles are far more suitable as the effect would not be the same - cannabis has to go through a decarboxylation process to become active.

Types of Edibles


A classic edible - we offer a variety of dosages, flavors, and THC ratios at our Bloom Medicinals dispensaries. Find your favorite flavor today!


Another edible classic. We have a variety of brands, types, and THC ratios at our dispensaries offering chocolate edibles.

Candies / Lozenges

Candies and lozenges are great for people who aren't quite into gummies or chocolate. From indica to sativa, ask our staff what works best for your condition.


All of the edible benefits for far less calories. Ask our team of insightful budtenders about capsule availability and how they can help you.


Oils are a versatile edible - put them in food, on snacks, and experience alternative relief! Talk to a team member about Bloom Medicinal's oil tinctures today!


A classic ingredient for making edibles. We don't have butters for sale, but you can buy your favorite flowers from Bloom Medicinals to make your own!

Where to Get Edibles - Shop at Bloom Medicinals

Qualified medical patients can visit their local Bloom Medicinals dispensary or browse our online menus for a list of available edibles. Got questions? Reach out to our team for answers and helpful budtender support!

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