Kief at Bloom Medicinals

A three grinder chamber is a great way to collect kief from your flower, but Bloom Medicinals also has kief available for qualified patients.


Kief for Medical Conditions

Kief are the sticky crystals that cover the buds and flowers of the cannabis plant. They are resin glands that produce concentrated cannabinoids - the chemicals with all the thereapeutic benefits. Kief gathered from cannabis plants is concentrated so they’re stronger than the cannabinoids found from flowers.

Ways to Use Kief


Add kief to your flower pre-combustion


Create hash through pressurization

And More

Make moonrocks with oils and buds

Where to Get Kief

Shop at Bloom Medicinals

Bloom Medicinals strives to use every part of the cannabis plant, and we have Kief available for qualified patient purchase. If you want professional budtender insight and would like to learn more about this concentrate, reach out to our team to get more details!

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