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Posted: June 30, 2020 in Bloom Cannabis industry Cannabis Info News

Marijuana has come a long way from its days as a symbol of the counterculture movement. As of May, 2020, eleven states plus the District of Columbia have fully legalized marijuana and thirty-four states have legalized it for medicinal purposes.

And to give you an idea of just how important most of America’s governors and state legislatures where some type of legalization exists feel about marijuana, Forbes noted that 29 states and the District of Columbia “have deemed marijuana businesses to be essential during shelter-at-home orders.”

An Essential Cultural Moment

The marijuana advocacy website fully understands just how important it was for states to deem marijuana businesses as essential and called it a “watershed moment.”

Leafly recalled how, “nearly a quarter-century ago, after California and Arizona passed the nation’s first statewide medical marijuana legalization laws, Clinton administration officials threatened to arrest any doctor who recommended the substance to a patient. Arizona lawmakers reacted by killing their own voter-passed initiative.

In the following years, governors opposed medical and adult-use initiatives in nearly every election. Even a couple years ago, top White House officials were mocking the idea of medical marijuana as a helpful tool to combat the nation’s opioid epidemic.”

Peoples’ attitudes are changing though, as more people understand marijuana’s medicinal value. Marijuana also relaxes people, eases anxiety and helps people during stressful times like the current pandemic. 

And even though millions of people worldwide are benefitting from responsibly using marijuana its full potential here in America is being hindered by the fact that at the federal level, it’s still illegal.

Marijuana’s Many Challenges — And Benefits

While the marijuana industry continues to grow in America, employing nearly 243,700 full-time workers at the start of 2020 (a 15% increase from the previous year) it still faces several hurdles and is hindered by the federal government’s illegal classification.

“Since its inception, the cannabis industry has faced its fair share of challenges: an evolving regulatory landscape, limited access to banking services, a vaping crisis, and – most recently – a credit crunch,” Forbes pointed out.

“With so many people, not only in America but around the world, reaping the benefits of marijuana, from its pain reducing and muscle relaxing help, to alleviating anxiety, inducing appetite and other benefits, marijuana has easily proven its medicinal benefits and has shown to improve peoples’ quality of life,” said Nicole van Rensburg, CEO of Bloom Medicinals.

“The stigma associated with it,” van Rensburg added, “has decreased drastically and states with some form of legalized marijuana are collecting millions of dollars of much-needed tax revenue. The fact that so many states deemed marijuana businesses as essential during this pandemic shows the importance of the industry to those state leaders. Now we need the federal government to help out, make it legal at the federal level and then we’ll really see what the marijuana industry can do in terms of jobs, patient care, tax revenue and more.”

Essential at the State Level — And a Major Factor in Helping the Economy

While many marijuana businesses have been deemed essential by state governments, due to marijuana’s illegality at the federal level they’re not eligible for stimulus money from the federal government.

And with the economy in terrible shape due to the pandemic Forbes notes that many state and local governments consider a regulated and taxed marijuana industry as a major boost to their economies. “New York expects state revenues to drop between $4 and $7 billion after COVID-19, but experts estimate that a legal cannabis market could generate over $1 billion in annual state tax revenue. Michigan may see $3 billion in annual marijuana sales revenue once the market matures in four to six years.”

Bloom Medicinals — A Leader in the Marijuana Industry

Bloom Medicinals runs several medical cannabis businesses and was an early licensee in Maryland, Arkansas, Illinois and Ohio. 

Bloom Medicinals provides high-quality cannabis products and medical cannabis from state-licensed growers, cultivators and processing centers.

The company’s dispensaries provide affordable treatment to help improve the quality of life for its patients. The dispensaries are staffed with knowledgeable, well-trained professionals and Bloom Medicinals takes a compassionate, friendly approach to treating all of its customers. 

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