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Medical Marijuana Industry First – Bloom Medicinals’ Virtual, Video & Phone Consultations

Posted: August 31, 2020 in News

Bloom Medicinals recently became the first medical cannabis company to offer virtual video/phone consultations from its dispensaries to prospective, new and existing medical marijuana patients in Ohio.

“With social distancing measures now in place at the dispensaries we hope that these consultations will provide a more private and personal way for patients to learn about cannabis, forms of administration, our industry, company, services, price reductions, online ordering, the products we offer and how those products can create a better quality of life,” said Nicole van Rensburg, CEO at Bloom Medicinals.

Essential Medical Cannabis Education

Through regular consultation, follow-ups, journaling, trial and error and feedback, our Patient Specialists can tailor products that are specific to a patient’s symptoms, conditions, financial situation, daily habits and personal preferences. Another long-term goal is to utilize patient data and feedback and market research to make better-informed decisions on what products to purchase geographically for our stores, what price reductions our patients can truly benefit from and what products our vendors should be growing and processing. If and when our company becomes vertically integrated in Ohio, this will also help our company determine what products to grow and process.

There are several long-term goals of Bloom Medicinals’ virtual project. The first is to provide essential educational information to our patients so they can make well- informed decisions on how to properly medicate. Over time, we hope to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with our patients in the same way patients currently see their personal physician, life coach or therapist.

Medical Cannabis and Other Legal Uses

We foresee our virtual services becoming popular with all patient types both now and when Ohio eventually legalizes recreational marijuana. For prospective and new patients, the consultations will provide a non-intimidating, educational, and positive first impression of the cannabis industry, Bloom Medicinals and the patient-centered care that we’re known for. For existing patients, the consultations provide information on our ever-changing inventory, how to place online orders, terpenes, lineage and other cannabis-connoisseur related questions.  

 Bloom Medicinals – Medical Cannabis Experts

Bloom Medicinals manages several medical cannabis businesses in multiple states and was an early licensee in Ohio, Illinois, Arkansas and Maryland. Bloom Medicinals provides high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis-related products from state-licensed growers, cultivators and processing centers. We employ professionally trained and knowledgeable staff who provide compassionate care to our patients to help them reach a better quality of life. We are here to support your overall wellbeing. Ohio patients are welcomed to visit our page to schedule their patient consultation today. Bloom Medicinals is working hard to offer virtual video/phone consultations to patients in Arkansas, Maryland, Utah, and Missouri.

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