Recreational Cannabis is Live in Missouri!

The Show-Me State has become the 21st state to legalize the recreational use of marijuana! Although the Medical Use of Marijuana has been legal since 2018, the legalization of recreational cannabis gives many in the state reason to celebrate. 

Is Weed Legal in Missouri?

But just because recreational-use cannabis has become legal, it does not mean everyone can buy and possess marijuana. You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase from a dispensary. You will also need to be careful where you consume, because smoking in public, or while driving, will still be illegal.

Does Missouri Have Recreational Dispensaries Yet?

The official rules for Missouri’s adult-use cannabis program were filed on January 20, 2023 and became effective on February 3, 2023. Once the rules became effective , the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services  began approving or denying requests from current licensed medical marijuana facilities. 

When Will Recreational Dispensaries Open in Missouri?

Once approved, existing medical marijuana dispensaries can convert to a comprehensive facility that is able to serve both medical and recreational customers. When the conversion has been completed, adult recreational-use sales can begin as soon as comprehensive dispensary facilities are ready to begin operating under their new authority.

The state of Missouri originally gave a target of February 6, 2023 for the start of recreational sales. So, that’s when most medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to transition to comprehensive dispensary facilities able to serve both medical patients and recreational-use customers. 

After the transition to recreational cannabis has been completed, many Bloom medical marijuana patients might wonder if it still makes sense to keep their card. If this applies to you, consider that there are benefits available to medical marijuana card holders in Missouri that are not available to recreational customers. 

The Benefits of Keeping Your Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

By keeping your medical marijuana card, you’ll receive access to VIP benefits that include:

  1. Expedited Service – you’ll receive priority service, with a register dedicated to getting you in and out of the dispensary quickly.
  2. Higher Limits – keeping your medical card allows you to possess up to 6 ounces instead of the 3 ounce recreational cannabis limit for adults 21+.
  3. Pay Less in Taxes – you give enough to Uncle Sam, so keep your card and keep your taxes low, 4% for medical patients instead of up to 9% for rec customers.
  4. Exclusive Access – always receive exclusive access to our complete selection of medical cannabis flower and products.
  5. Earn Bloom Bucks – medical patients will continue to earn Bloom Bucks with every purchase – the more you shop, the more you save!
  6. Daily Deals – the daily deals you know and love aren’t going anywhere.

When you consider that Medical Marijuana patient ID cards issued in Missouri after December 8, 2022 are effective for 3-years, it might make sense to keep your MMJ card and enjoy these benefits. In case you are wondering about the State’s fees moving forward, they are as follows. 

Fees for Applications Filed in 2023

For applications filed after Dec 8, 2022 – June 2023 the fees for new medical marijuana patient and caregiver applications and renewals will be $25. The fee for a new medical marijuana patient cultivator license and renewal will be $50. 1

The recent changes brought about by the passing of Amendment 3 will also give adult residents the opportunity to  grow their own cannabis plants for recreational purposes. 

Missouri Adult-Use Cannabis Cultivation Rules

Starting on February 6, 2023, Missouri residents 21 years of age or older can submit an application to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services to obtain a personal cultivation license.

The license will cost $100 and will provide card holders the right to grow a certain number of marijuana plants at home. As it is now, Missouri personal cultivation card holders would be allowed to grow no more than 18 plants. But you need to be careful because there are specific rules.

First, the plants must be grown in an enclosed and locked facility within their residence that cannot be seen by the public.

Each card holder of a Missouri personal cultivation license will only be allowed to possess: “six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants over 14 inches tall, and 6 non-flowering plants under 14 inches tall.”2

What about the Expungement of Marijuana Related Offenses?

Another important change that has resulted from the passing of Amendment 3 will be a reduction in cannabis related arrests and the expungement of marijuana related offenses.

The new legislation states that it will “prevent arrest and penalty for personal possession and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by adults twenty-one years of age or older.” It also states that certain marijuana-related crimes can be wiped off the criminal records of Missouri residents.

Those who have been convicted of marijuana crime can petition the court to have certain offenses expunged. However,  offenses like distribution to a minor, operating a vehicle under the influence, or violence related offenses are not eligible for expungement.

Criminal defense lawyer, Dan Viets, who is the Missouri State Coordinator for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws said: “People may petition the courts to be released from probation or released from parole, or actually released from prison or jail if they’re serving a sentence for a marijuana offense of possession up to 3 pounds.”3

Want to Keep the Benefits of a Medical Marijuana Card?

If you’ve let your card expire – or don’t have a medical marijuana card, but feel like you may qualify – you can use the form on this page (scroll up on your desktop or scroll down on mobile) to find out if you qualify or to renew your card today.

Click below to get started on acquiring your medical marijuana card!

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