Professional Cannabis Operations

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Bloom Medicinals manages a number of medical cannabis businesses with existing and intended operations in multiple states. As an early licensee in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Arkansas, Bloom Medicinals is actively expanding its footprint throughout the United States.

Our mission is the delivery of value-based medical marijuana care. Through a personal and compassionate approach, Bloom Medicinals has built a loyal patient base benefiting from efficacious treatment outcomes and improved overall quality of life.

Our exceptional strengths lie in our extensive network of partner relationships, culture of technological innovation, lean operations, new market applications and regulatory expertise informing a demonstrated history of setting the highest standard of care through full regulatory compliance.

Our Dispensaries

Based in Florida and founded in 2014, Bloom Medicinals has grown to become one of the most recognizable brands and multi-state cannabis business license holders in the medical marijuana industry with seven dispensaries located in three states.

Each of our dispensaries is informed by our core values and founded on the single of idea of creating a compassionate patient experience in an environment reflective of the community within which it serves, and exceeds the standards for operational excellence, compliance and security set by each respective state. Our extensive network of partner relationships, our culture of technological innovation, lean operations and management, new market applications, and regulatory expertise demonstrate our combined experience of over 150 years in the fields of healthcare administration, law and compliance, finance, real estate, and medical marijuana operations.

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Helping patients understand the healthcare options available in their state.

Each state's medical marijuana laws are different.