420 Games – Bongo! Like Bingo but Better!

That’s right, it’s 420! Whether you’re a seasoned toker or new to the green, we’ve got just the thing to spark things up. 

To kick off this year’s 420 celebration, we’ve put together a little something to add some extra excitement to your festivities: Bongo! That’s right, we’ve taken a classic game and given it a green twist. Get ready to dab, roll, and puff your way through these hilarious Bingo cards that are sure to get some laugh-out-loud moments. 

For those who might not be familiar, 420 has become synonymous with cannabis culture, representing a day of celebration and camaraderie for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. It’s a day to come together, share those epic smoke tales, and enjoy the many benefits that cannabis has to offer, both medicinally and recreationally. 

Now, rolling right along to the main sesh: Bloom Bongo! We’ve created five Bloom Bongo cards filled with all your favorite weed-related shenanigans (and maybe a few mishaps). So gather your smoke buddies, grab your favorite strain, and let’s play!

Bongo Card 1

Bongo Card 2

Bongo Card 3

Bongo Card 4

Bongo Card 5