Celebrating International Women’s Day: Meet the Female Leadership at Bloom

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we wanted to provide a peak behind the curtain and applaud the exceptional women in leadership at Bloom.

My drive in the cannabis industry is fueled by the blend of its therapeutic promise, the dynamic nature of the business, and the chance to be part of a progressive community focused on wellness, innovation, and inclusivity. As a female entrepreneur with a medical sales and a business background, my inspiration to enter the cannabis industry stemmed from recognizing the significant therapeutic potential of cannabis and its derivatives, particularly in managing chronic pain, anxiety, and various other medical conditions. Having observed the evolving landscape of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, I saw an opportunity to contribute positively to an emerging market that promises not only growth but also the ability to impact patients’ lives positively.

My motivation is fueled by the ongoing challenges and opportunities within our emerging industry. The chance to be at the forefront of a sector that is redefining wellness and healthcare is incredibly inspiring. I am driven by the stories of individuals whose quality of life has improved through cannabis-based treatments, and this human impact provides a powerful incentive to navigate the complex regulatory, scientific, and business landscapes of the cannabis industry.

Moreover, as a woman in a field that is still establishing its leaders, I am motivated by the opportunity to set a precedent for diversity and inclusion within the cannabis sector. Being part of a community that advocates for women’s leadership and entrepreneurship in cannabis not only aligns with my personal values but also adds a fulfilling dimension to my work.

What I most enjoy about working in the cannabis industry is the blend of challenge, innovation, and meaningful impact, all while leading a company that is at the forefront of a significant health and wellness movement.  There is a profound sense of purpose and impact that comes with my role as CEO. Every day, we are at the cutting edge of an industry that is not only growing rapidly but also fundamentally changing people’s lives for the better. The opportunity to lead a business that contributes to health and wellness, offering alternative solutions to those in need, is incredibly rewarding.

I am particularly passionate about the innovation aspect of the industry. The cannabis sector is a hotbed of research and development, and being able to pioneer new technology, products and therapies that can alleviate suffering is deeply fulfilling. The constant evolution of the market keeps us agile and creative, pushing us to continually improve and adapt.

I take great pride in shaping the culture and direction of our company and the industry at large. As a female leader, I am keenly aware of the importance of fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. Seeing our team collaborate, innovate, and grow together, driven by a shared mission, is exceptionally gratifying.

Building strong relationships with our patients, customers, and the broader community also stands out as a highlight. Hearing firsthand how our products have improved or even transformed lives affirms the value of our work and fuels our commitment to excellence and compassion in everything we do.

I believe women bring several unique perspectives and qualities to the cannabis industry that are instrumental in shaping its future such as empathy, collaboration, innovation, diverse perspectives, and a commitment to social responsibility. These qualities are not only invaluable but also necessary for the industry’s growth and its potential to improve health and wellness outcomes globally.

Firstly, empathy and intuition are qualities where many women excel, providing a nuanced approach to business and leadership. These traits enable a deeper understanding of customer needs, employee well-being, and community relations, fostering a more inclusive and responsive business model. In an industry that directly impacts individuals’ health and quality of life, such empathy ensures that the products and services we offer are not only effective but also compassionate and patient-centered.

Secondly, women often excel in collaboration and community building, which are crucial in the cannabis industry, given its evolving nature. Women leaders tend to foster environments that encourage teamwork, mutual support, and shared success, which can drive innovation and progress in this rapidly growing field.

Furthermore, women bring diverse life experiences and perspectives that can drive creative problem-solving and innovation. In an industry where differentiation and innovation are key to success, having a variety of viewpoints is invaluable. Women can offer fresh insights into product development, marketing strategies, and patient engagement, which can help companies stand out in a crowded marketplace. Additionally, women’s leadership in the cannabis industry serves as a powerful counter-narrative to the traditional male-dominated business landscapes. By taking on leadership roles and succeeding, women not only contribute to the industry’s growth but also pave the way for greater gender diversity and equality, setting positive examples for future generations.

Lastly, women leaders in cannabis often demonstrate a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, understanding that the industry is not just about profit but also about improving lives and communities. This holistic approach to business ensures that the growth of the cannabis industry is sustainable, ethical, and beneficial to society as a whole.

My journey has been filled with both challenges and triumphs. Drawing from my experiences, I would like to offer the following advice to other women aspiring to leadership positions in the cannabis industry:

Embrace Your Unique Perspective: Women often bring different viewpoints and approaches to business, which can be incredibly valuable. Embrace your perspective and use it to inform your leadership style and business strategies. Your unique insights can drive innovation and foster a more inclusive and dynamic company culture.

Network and Build Relationships: The cannabis industry is still relatively new and rapidly evolving, making connections crucial. Attend industry events, join relevant associations, and seek out mentors and peers. Building a strong network can provide support, opportunities for collaboration, and valuable insights into the industry.

Stay Informed and Adaptable: The cannabis industry is subject to frequent regulatory changes and market shifts. Staying informed about the latest trends, regulations, and market dynamics is essential. Being adaptable and ready to pivot when necessary can help you navigate the industry’s complexities and seize emerging opportunities.

Advocate for Diversity and Inclusion: As a woman in a leadership role, you have the power to influence your company’s culture and the industry at large. Advocate for policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion, and strive to create an environment where everyone can thrive. By doing so, you’ll not only enrich your company but also contribute to a more equitable industry.

Demonstrate Resilience:
The path to leadership can be fraught with obstacles, especially in an industry as challenging and stigmatized as cannabis. Resilience is key to overcoming these hurdles. Believe in your vision, learn from setbacks, and persist with determination. Your resilience will inspire others and drive your company forward.

Lead with Integrity and Passion: The cannabis industry has the potential to improve lives and make a positive societal impact. Lead with integrity, being transparent and ethical in all your dealings. Passion for your work will not only motivate your team but also resonate with your customers and stakeholders, building trust and loyalty.

Foster a Learning Environment: Encourage continuous learning and growth within your team. The cannabis industry is constantly evolving, and fostering a culture of curiosity and education can keep your company at the cutting edge. Investing in your team’s development can also drive innovation and enhance your company’s adaptability.

By embracing these principles, you can carve out a successful leadership path in the cannabis industry and inspire other women to follow suit. Remember, your success contributes to a more diverse and dynamic industry, paving the way for future generations of women leaders.

My favorite strain or type of cannabis product is one that exemplifies our commitment to quality, efficacy, and patient care. While I maintain a professional distance from personal preferences in order to remain objective and focused on the needs of all our customers, I deeply value products that are backed by solid research and have demonstrated therapeutic benefits. For example, a high-CBD strain or product that offers relief for conditions like anxiety, epilepsy, or chronic pain without a strong psychoactive effect can be particularly meaningful to me. These products highlight the medicinal potential of cannabis and align with our mission to improve quality of life.

In addition, I am particularly fond of products that are innovative and patient-friendly, such as precisely dosed edibles or topicals, which provide alternative consumption methods for those who prefer not to inhale their medication. These types of products demonstrate the industry’s capacity for creativity and its dedication to accommodating the diverse preferences and needs of patients.

Ultimately, my favorite product is one that stands as a testament to the industry’s potential to offer safe, effective, and reliable alternatives to traditional medicine, reflecting our company’s core values and the transformative promise of cannabis.

I’m six months into my career in the cannabis industry after spending nearly 25 years in the digital marketing field. The opportunity to apply my expertise in digital advertising to navigate the complexities of cannabis marketing was both exciting and rewarding. It felt like unchartered territory where innovative and creative solutions could make a real impact.

What continues to motivate me in this industry is the ability to contribute to the changing perceptions and educating the public about the benefits of medicinal cannabis. Witnessing the positive impact that a responsibly produced cannabis product has on an individual’s quality of life is incredibly fulfilling.

A significant attraction for me was Bloom’s leadership, particularly its female CEO, Nicole Stark. She is not just any leader, but an intelligent and savvy woman, the kind you spend your entire career hoping to find and work with. I find great motivation and inspiration from my colleagues as well. Working alongside individuals who are not just colleagues but also passionate advocates for cannabis and its benefits creates an inspiring and collaborative work environment.

To be candid, I initially felt some reservations about joining the cannabis industry because of its surrounding stigma, particularly concerning what other mothers might think. However, I saw this as a chance to contribute to dismantling that stigma, emphasizing the industry’s commitment to wellness and sustainability—principles that resonate deeply with my own values.

I relish the direct impact our work has on consumers, particularly in terms of educating them about the benefits of cannabis, debunking myths, and changing perceptions. In the short six months I have been here, I have seen real feedback of how our products enhance people’s lives. This deep sense of fulfillment is unparalleled.

In many industries, talking about cannabis at work is still off-limits, but at this company, there’s a unique joy in discussing various strains we’ve tried over the weekend with colleagues. Recently, at a concert, I bumped into an old friend. His reaction to learning I worked at Bloom was priceless: his face beamed with excitement, and he exclaimed, “OMG, that’s my favorite dispensary; I’ve been going there for years!” That moment filled me with immense gratitude for the chance to be part of Bloom.

Women bring a high level of emotional intelligence which is crucial in understanding and connecting with consumers on a deeper level. This is particularly important in the cannabis industry, where building trust and educating consumers are key. Women’s ability to engage on a personal level can drive more authentic and impactful marketing strategies.

In my prior role, I was tasked with developing marketing and advertising strategies for Fortune 500 companies, where we worked with very specific consumer profiles to determine the optimal ways and times to engage them, along with crafting the precise messaging. The approach in the cannabis industry, though, presents a different challenge. While we have indeed segmented the market into distinct personas and designed targeted campaigns accordingly, the inherent diversity within the cannabis community necessitates a broader and more creative approach in our messaging to effectively appeal to the wide spectrum of cannabis consumers.

Adaptability and humility are essential in this field. Despite having extensive experience across various marketing channels, transitioning to the cannabis industry often feels like starting anew. The constantly shifting regulatory environment in cannabis means many traditional marketing avenues are inaccessible, presenting both a challenge and an opportunity. While it can be daunting to encounter so many obstacles, it is equally rewarding to explore and master emerging technologies and innovative strategies in cannabis marketing. Embracing this continuous learning process and finding novel ways to engage our audience is both invigorating and fulfilling.

Knowledge is your greatest asset. Keep abreast of all the regulatory developments and industry trends, and ready yourself to think outside the box.

Dive deep into the cannabis community, network extensively, and forge authentic relationships. Embrace the opportunity to challenge and transform the existing stigmas.

Ensure that your personal beliefs and professional ambitions are in harmony, anchoring them in something meaningful. This alignment will lead you to a point in your career where you experience profound satisfaction.

Full disclosure, I had taken a lengthy break from cannabis before joining Bloom. While I have always been immersed in cannabis culture (attending live music events is a passion of mine), I hadn’t truly explored cannabis options that suited my current lifestyle needs. Or maybe it was that I just never found what worked for me. Until now. Over the past year, I embarked on a wellness journey to navigate the challenges of perimenopause. This journey included adopting a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and better nutrition, along with reducing my alcohol intake. However, perimenopause also brought emotional hurdles like body aches, anxiety and sleep disturbances that I was eager to address. Securing my medical cannabis card was a step towards exploring how different products could aid in my well-being.

One standout discovery for me was live rosin cartridges. Its smooth consumption experience and purity made it my preferred choice, offering a potent and clean way to enjoy cannabis. Despite live rosin’s typically higher THC levels, I select strains based on their terpene profiles and the specific effects they offer. For instance, I’ve found the limonene terpene, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits, to be particularly effective. While I appreciate alpha-pinene for its anti-anxiety properties, its flavor doesn’t quite appeal to me. On the other hand, myrcene offers a sedative effect that helps me unwind, reminiscent of the relaxation I feel after a hearty Thanksgiving meal—it’s present in thyme, mangos, and lemongrass, among others.

Remember, everyone’s cannabis journey is unique. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, conduct your research, and safely experiment to discover what aligns best with your needs and preferences!

My brother always talked to me about cannabis. When he passed away I wanted to find a way to honor his memory and start a new career. After starting with Bloom I began to feel a sense of belonging and comfort that many people aren’t able to find in their careers. I am motivated by the opportunity to find solutions, expand my knowledge of the plant and expanding our team.

The cannabis industry is filled with joyous, hardworking and determined individuals. No matter which dispensary I visit or customers I interact with, everyone is just happy to be here. I enjoy experiencing the positive vibes that are shared amongst this group.

Women bring several unique perspectives and qualities to the cannabis industry. Women bring a level of compassion and care that seeks to benefit all. Whether it is increasing retention or sharing cannabis education. We always find a way to get it done.

Never stop learning. Just when you feel like you know “enough”, always take that extra step to learn even more. Knowledge knows no limits and you never know when information can be of help to others.

True OG – Flower

What inspired me to work in cannabis was the excitement of the growing industry, and the opportunity to educate the public on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as medicine. Working one on one with patients, I’ve witnessed firsthand how cannabis can improve quality of life for individuals with various health conditions. This continues to motivate me to spread awareness and help break down the stigma associated with cannabis through education and community outreach.

What I enjoy most has to be all of the amazing people I meet in the industry. Whether it be the patients I get to work with, or the cannabis advocates and educators I get to work alongside, I’m surrounded by some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable people I have ever met.

Women have a lot to bring to the table in the cannabis industry. A few qualities to mention is their compassionate approach to patient care and business management, as well as finding creative solutions to challenges that arise. Additionally, the way that women bring together community and build strong relationships is invaluable in an industry that thrives on collaboration and education.

The advice I would give to other women in the cannabis industry aspiring for leadership roles is  to be open to change in the industry as it continues to grow, and to be resilient. Over the years the rules and regulations have continued to change and develop, be prepared to face challenges and setbacks, and learn from them to grow stronger.

I have been a medical marijuana patient for 5 years, and have tried different products to help with anxiety, pain relief, and insomnia. Overall, I prefer flower and edibles! My favorite strain is OG Kush.

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