OG Kush Strain


OG Kush is a hybrid strain of medical marijuana, the result of crossing Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush. The aroma that comes from OG Kush is typically described like a lemon-pine-fuel.

The effects of OG Kush are described as head and body euphoria, and commonly taken at the end of the day to reduce stress. This strain was first cultivated in Florida.


OG Kush Patient Reported Feelings




OG Kush Effects

Patients with their medical marijuana card can rely on OG Kush to help alleviate symptoms or conditions of Stress, Anxiety, and Chronic Pain.


OG Kush at Bloom Medicinals

Bloom has dispensaries in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, and Ohio. Our Inventory is always shifting and updating, but if you're a medical marijuana patient and interested in seeing how OG Kush can benefit you and your conditions, check out our online menu's at a location near you!