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How to Renew Your Missouri MMMP Card

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Is your medical marijuana card almost out of date? Contact our team at Bloom Medicinals for immediate assistance in getting renewed!

Start Your Renewal Process

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Step 1:

Complete Forms

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Step 2:

Register Online

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Step 3:

Card Application

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How to Start Renewing Your Card

MMJ Card Renewal Documentation

Getting the Necessary Documents

If your card’s within 60 days of expiring, consider setting up a recertification appointment. The DHSS requires annual medical marijuana card renewal and  recertification by a licensed physician. The renewal is done entirely online, takes 10-20 minutes to fill out, and our team at Bloom Medicinals is on stand-by to help you get your MMJ card renewed.

  • Physician certification form received within 30 days of completing a renewal application
  • A new patient form is required for Caregivers
  • Proof of your Missouri residency
  • A government issued ID with photo
  • An electronic/digital photo
  • Updated contact information
  • Any changes in the physician certification form since the previous submission.

Starting the Renewal Process

Submitting Your Documents for Renewal

Step 1: Visit the Department of Health and Senior Services patient registry portal with your login.

  • Click “Create Application”
  • Choose “Patien Renewal”
  • Select “Create Application”
  • Select your license number in the drop down titled “License Number”
  • Select “Save” to save your application
  • This opens your application, letting you make edits to every page for your application

Step 2: Submit your application.

  • If you need any additional support, contact our team at Bloom Medicinals for help! We’re always happy to help with any questions and application processes.
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That's All There is to it

Medical Card Renewal Summary

There’s a total of four documents to upload. You’re able to upload your Missouri license or ID once for the proof of residency and once more for the government issued ID. Make sure the digital photo of you is a clear, color photo, and taken in the last 90 days. It should be shoulders up against a white or off-white background - like a drivers or passport photo. You can use your Missouri driver’s license as proof of residency - if you don’t have one, the DHSS accepts utility bills as well as DMV registration. For your government issued photo ID - you can use a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.

The Missouri Medical Marijuana Renewal Fees Are

  • $25 fee for patient ID card renewal
  • $100 fee for cultivation renewal

Within 30 days, you should receive your approval once accepted. Updates from DHSS will be sent to your email as Missouri only issues digital medical marijuana cards.

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Once you receive your Patient or Caregiver Registry Card, you'll be able to access and browse our Bloom Medicinals Missouri dispensaries. We have locations available in Cape Girardeau, O'Fallon, Cameron, and Springfield. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and prepared to help patients discover administration methods, understand dosage procedures for our products and learn about onset and duration times.