State Laws and References

Missouri Medical Cannabis Laws

If you want to get started understanding what is or isn't allowed, we've collected some of the general laws from the state and DHSS to follow as a guide.

Medical Cannabis Laws in the State of Missouri

Medical Cannabis Legality

Who can buy Medical Marijuana in Missouri?
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Qualified persons over the age of 18 or the primary caregivers of specifically qualified patients under 18. They must possess a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services approved ID card in order to purchase products from a Missouri state-licensed dispensary like Bloom Medicinals.

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Medical Marijuana Patient License in Missouri?
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Patient or Primary Caregiver ID cards go for $25 and are valid for 1 year - requiring a renewal. Physician approval must also be submitted or resubmitted annually.

How Much Medical Marijuana can a Patient Possess in Missouri?
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As of 2021, Missouri state law says it is legal for medical marijuana patients and primary caregivers to have:

  • 6 flowering marijuana plants
    A 90-day supply of dried, unprocessed marijuana or equivalent (if cultivating plants on their property)
    A 60-day supply of dried, unprocessed marijuana or equivalent (if not cultivating plants)

Certain exceptions do apply and would require a physician’s recommendation.

Am I Able to Consume Medical Marijuana and Drive?
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Operating a motorized vehicle while under the influence of medical marijuana is still a violation of the law, a medical marijuana card does not provide protection from any repercussions.

Do you Need any Specific Documents to work in a Missouri Dispensary?
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Owners, officers, managers, contractors, employees and staff have to receive an Agent Identification Card and a unique identifying number. Before any individual can begin work, they must have this ID, which can be applied for through the DHSS for a fee of $75 and it is valid for 3 years.

What Medical Marijuana Products can be sold in Missouri Dispensaries?
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In Missouri, dispensaries are able to sell plants, seedlings, concentrates, flower, and edibles. Check out our Bloom Medicinals shop pages to see what items we have for purchase!

As a Missouri medical marijuana patient, are registration statuses publicly available?
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Nope! Personal identifying information can not be made public by dispensaries or the DHSS. Only dispensary employees and physicians can verify patients or caregiver registrations.

If I don't have a qualifying condition, can I still apply for a medical marijuana card?
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We recommend speaking with a physician if you have a medical need for cannabis. If a physician concludes that a patient would benefit from medicinal cannabis treatments, they may be eligible for a MMJ card in Missouri.