Medical Marijuana VS Recreational Marijuana in Missouri

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Is Marijuana Legal in Missouri?

Medical marijuana is legal for patients with proof of a qualifying condition. Recreational, also known as adult use, marijuana is illegal in Missouri. If a person is found in possession of 10 grams or less of marijuana, it is a misdemeanor punishable by a $500 fine - but no jail time. In order to obtain a Medical Marijuana Card, patients must register with the state.

Online Patient / Caregiver Registration

Patients and caregivers with ID cards from DHSS can purchase medical marijuana from a state-licensed dispensary or have it delivered. Patients are allowed to buy up to 4 ounces (about 113 grams) of dried marijuana in a 30-day period and MUST keep medical cannabis products in their original packaging. If you have a condition that requires more, you would need two independent physicians to agree on a set amount. Missouri guidelines see 3.5 grams of unprocessed marijuana equal to 1 gram of concentrate or 100 miligrams of a THC-infused product.

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Where Can You Consume Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

Missouri has a particular provision for property owners to dedicate a location for qualified patients being taken care of by family, caregiver, or physician. You can only consume cannabis in private, and property owners can limit medical use to non-smokable methods.

Possessing Marijuana

Patients and caregivers are allowed to possess a 60-day supply - qualified cannabis cultivators can possess up to a 90-day supply. This is only allowed as long as homegrown crops don’t leave the property it’s being grown at. If a patient is found with more than the amount they’re allowed, they may have their medical card revoked and may be fined $200 or more dollars.

caretaker assisting an elderly man
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Medical Cannabis Home Cultivation

If you have a state-issued medical marijuana card as well as a secure location, you may cultivate cannabis. There are fee’s associated with growing and a patient must provide a garden address, their license number, and a statement allowing DHSS to review the garden. If this can’t be provided, licenses can be revoked.

There are a few rules to follow when growing from home. The cultivation must take place in an enclosed facility with locks. A patient can have up to six flowering plants, six nonflowering plants smaller than fourteen inches, and six clones shorter than 14 inches. Two patients can share one enclosed space as long as they adhere to these parameters. A caregiver may harvest on behalf of a third patient, giving them authority to cultivate up to 18 plants. Plants must be labeled with the patient owner’s name and the authorization issued by DHSS must be nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Regarding MMJ Cards

How long does it take to receive my MMJ card?
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Patients are typically approved within 2-3 weeks of submitting their application by the Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services. The Missouri Medical Marijuana Program website has more details available.

Do you charge a fee for assistance with my state application?
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Our experts are available to assist you with any MMJ-card related needs at no extra cost.

Can I purchase medical cannabis in other states with my Missouri MMJ card?
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You are able to use your MMJ card in medically legal states with reciprocity. The states with reciprocity laws can change but are currently: Arkansas, Hawaii, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma*, Rhode Island. The laws are different from state-to-state and always updating, it's recommended to always plan ahead and contact a dispensary beforehand. *Requires a form to be filled for a temporary license

Will I be able to own & purchase firearms after I get my MMJ card?
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Missouri Amendment 2, Article XIV states that a MO medical marijuana card does not infringe any other rights within the Missouri Constitution. This includes the right to purchase and possess licensed firearms & ammunition.

Where is medical marijuana sold in Missouri?
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Medical marijuana is available from retail dispensaries licensed by DHSS. Bloom Medicinals has a Cape Girardeau Dispensary, O'Fallon Dispensary, and more on the way.

Am I able to grow my own medical cannabis in Missouri?
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If you're a qualified patient with a medical marijuana card, you may grow up to 6 flowering plants as long as it's in an enclosed area with a lock that is only accessible to a patient or caregiver. There is a grower card fee of $100.

As a Missouri medical marijuana patient, are registration statuses publicly available?
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Nope! Personal identifying information can not be made public by dispensaries or the DHSS. Only dispensary employees and physicians can verify patients or caregiver registrations.

If I don't have a qualifying condition, can I still apply for a medical marijuana card?
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We recommend speaking with a physician if you have a medical need for cannabis. If a physician concludes that a patient would benefit from medicinal cannabis treatments, they may be eligible for a MMJ card in Missouri.

Once you receive your Patient or Caregiver Registry Card, you'll be able to access and browse our Bloom Medicinals Missouri dispensaries. We have locations available in Cape Girardeau, O'Fallon, Cameron, and Springfield. Our staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and prepared to help patients discover administration methods, understand dosage procedures for our products and learn about onset and duration times.