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Missouri Medical Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to get started understanding what is or isn't allowed, we've collected some of the general laws from the state and DHSS to follow as a guide.

Answers to Popular Questions

The Missouri Medical Marijuana FAQ

How can I get a Missouri Marijuana Card?
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1: Visit a state-licensed physician to get your physician certification.

2: Our Bloom Medicinals team can submit your medical marijuana card application to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

3: When your application is approved and you receive your card, you can start purchasing medical marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries or licensed caregivers. Alternatively, you may also apply for a patient cultivation card - allowing you to grow at home.

How do I Apply for my Card?
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The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services accept medical marijuana card applications online. The team here at Bloom Medicinals is on standby to help qualified patients apply for their MMJ card.

How Much Does a Medical Marijuana Card Application Cost?
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A medical marijuana card application fee goes for $25, patient cultivation cards for $100, and caregiver cards are $25. Bloom Medicinals would love to help you send your patient medical marijuana card application.

How long does it take to get your MMJ card?
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Within 30 days of applying you will receive an update on if you’re approved or denied. If your application is rejected, DHSS will give you the reason and you’ll have 10 days to make changes to your application before resubmitting. Once approved, you can get your medical marijuana card online.

Does a Medical Marijuana Card Expire?
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As of 2021, MMJ cards expire annually and require valid physician certification.

Can I Grow my Own Medical Marijuana in Missouri?
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With the right qualifications you sure can. You will need your patient card and have to apply for a patient cultivation card. This gives you the opportunity to grow six flowering cannabis plants, six non-flowering cannabis plants, and six clones max in a secure room that’s locked.

Where can I find a Caregiver in Missouri?
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Licensed cultivators that are registered with the state as caregivers can legally provide medical marijuana to qualified patient card holders.

Can I use my MMJ Card in Other States?
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Multiple states practice reciprocity - recognizing out-of-state medical marijuana cards at local dispensaries. There are some slocations that require patients with out-of-state medical marijuana cards to apply for a temporary card to use while visiting.

Can I Purchase Medical Marijuana in Missouri if I have a card from out-of-state?
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Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Program doesn’t offer reciprocity of other state medical marijuana programs. Patients can only purchase medical marijuana in Missouri by providing a Department-issued patient card.

Is Medical Marijuana Taxed in Missouri?
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Dispensaries have to charge four percent of the retail price and any state or local taxes. Missouri’s 4% tax on marijuana sales goes towards the Missouri Veteran's Health and Care Fund.

Can I Receive a Patient License to Purchase or Home Grow Medical Marijuana if I have a Past Conviction?
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A previous conviction does not disqualify an individual from obtaining an identification card, but a qualified patient’s MMJ card could get revoked for criminal conduct that happens after the card is approved.

Can I apply for a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card anywhere besides online?
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Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services only reviews applications submitted through their online registry. You can visit a physician’s office in-person for a qualified approval document, but must still send any documents through the registry.