How to Clean Your Glass Pipe

Keep your glass pieces clean and neat with our handy cleaning guide!

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Method 1: Ol’ Reliable

You’ll need isopropyl alcohol (91% or 97%) and some form of coarse salt (Epsom or rock salt works). 

  1. Start off by making sure any removable parts have been set aside. Pour out any old water, too. 
  2. Next pour in some of the alcohol and add your coarse salt. Shake your piece for a few minutes to help the mixture break apart any buildup of tar or residue. If you have stubborn buildup, let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes. 
  3. Pour out old mixture and rinse your piece with water and soap to make sure all the alcohol is cleaned out! 

If you still have some residue left, you can repeat the process over to ensure you clean your piece fully. Again, making sure to rinse with soap and water afterwards to get rid of any traces of the flammable alcohol mixture! 

Method 2: Cleaning Your Glass Pieces Without Alcohol

For this method, you’ll need white vinegar and baking soda. These two household ingredients produce a chemical reaction that really gets through buildup and residue!

  1. Again set aside any removable pieces and pour out old water. 
  2. Fill the base of your bong with white vinegar and add a few teaspoons of baking soda. Shake the mixture for a few minutes to get rid of buildup. 
  3. After shaking, pour out the mixture and rinse your piece with soap and water to get rid of any vinegar smell or residue from the mixture.

Repeat the process as needed to get your piece clean!

Cleaning Your Removable Pieces

In order to clean all your small removable pieces, start by placing them all in a ziploc bag or tupperware container. Fill the bag/container with either of the above solutions and allow your small pieces to sit for a few hours, checking on it every once in a while! 

To avoid any possible damage to your glass, try to change your mixture every 4/6 hours. 

Once clean, make sure to rinse off all pieces well with soap and water. 

Cleaning your glass often ensures unnecessary buildup of residue and bacteria!