How To Shop at a Missouri Cannabis Clinic: Top 5 Dispensary Tips

Now is an exciting time to be in Missouri if you have been looking for a natural alternative for potential relief from numerous health conditions. Since Missourians voted to legalize medicinal cannabis in 2018, the state has authorized licenses for 196 cannabis dispensaries. Now, anyone who is a registered patient under the Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program can go to these businesses to purchase different varieties of cannabis therapy options.

Although Missouri has a large number of cannabis advocates, this new industry does not come without questions. When purchasing medicinal products, one of the top inquiries that first-time patients have is how to shop at a Missouri cannabis clinic. While some states have had a decade to become familiarized with legalization, it is still quite new here. So, how do you shop at one? Read on to learn about these top five dispensary tips.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

For a long time, cannabis has been a taboo subject. As a result, a lot of people are still uncomfortable talking about it. When you are at a cannabis dispensary like one of Missouri’s four Bloom Medicinals locations, there is no need to worry. Feel encouraged to ask about products or for information. Here are some ideas to start:

  • What kind of effects do other patients report with this strain or product?
  • What is your return policy?
  • What do labs test on your products?
  • What is your favorite product?
  • How do I use this product?
  • What is the newest product you have?
  • What is the best value right now?

The next time you think of a question, write it down so you can remember to take it on your next Bloom Medicinals visit. 

  1. Have Your ID Ready

In order to legally buy medicinal cannabis in Missouri, you must show a government-issued photo ID and your Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program identification card for every purchase. When you arrive at the dispensary, you can expect there to be a brief check-in process. During check-in, you will give your IDs to the dispensary receptionist. Having your ID ready can save you time.

  1. Bring Cash

Despite legalization at the state level, cannabis remains prohibited by the federal government. As such, federal banking laws place financial limitations on every licensed cannabis dispensary in the United States, regardless of state laws. While legal efforts to change cannabis banking complexities are currently underway, it is still best to assume you will need to use cash for now. Many dispensaries have ATMs, but it can be helpful to double-check before you go.

  1. Try Something New

If you are a creature of habit, you are not alone. After discovering something that works, many people continue gravitating toward that same thing. While there is nothing wrong with that approach, only trying cannabis products this way can limit your experience. Missouri’s legal cannabis industry is brand new. Companies introduce new products and strains every day. For this reason, regularly trying different products can give you more insight into possible health remedies.

  1. Browse the Menu Before Your Visit

Have you ever arrived at a Missouri cannabis clinic and felt overwhelmed by the number of menu items and displays? If this sounds familiar, one way to improve your shopping experience is by browsing the store’s online menu before your physical visit. To begin, think about the symptoms that you are hoping cannabis can relieve. Reviewing the menu and considering possible questions beforehand can help you make the most of your time when you’re there.

If you are a qualified patient under Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program and you have questions about how to shop at one of your local dispensaries, you can use this information as a guide. For additional inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to staff at a reputable and experienced cannabis company like Bloom Medicinals.