Recognizing Juneteenth

Although the state of Texas was the last to acknowledge the end of slavery, it was the first state to designate Juneteenth as a holiday in 1979. Juneteenth became an official national holiday on June 17, 2021 when President Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act which established June 19 as a federal holiday. Although Juneteenth is celebrated on June 19th of each year, the holiday celebrates much more than just a day. It celebrates a journey toward greater racial equality. What do we mean? Read More

What is 710? Picking the Right THC OIL to Celebrate

Many of you probably won’t remember, but back before cell phones went mainstream, people used pagers, or beepers, to stay connected. Most times people would receive a notification on their pager with a phone number to call back. Other times, you would receive a few digits as a code from the sender.  For example, 07734 … Read more

What Is Full Spectrum THC and How to Get the Most from Your Full Spectrum Oil?

One thing that makes cannabis a popular choice as medicine is that it can be a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medication. Many believe this natural purity can be best enjoyed by vaping your cannabis flower – where your bud’s natural compounds can be taken in without being burned.  But when it comes to taking in … Read more

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo with Mexican Landrace Strains

Cinco De Mayo celebrates Mexican culture and heritage. We celebrate their cannabis contributions. From colorful decorations to traditional Mexican dishes and Mariachi music, there are so many fun ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. But did you know that May 5th is not actually Mexico’s Independence Day? That’s right, Cinco de Mayo actually commemorates the … Read more

Missouri 4/20 – The First Cannabis + Alcohol-Friendly Music Festival

The First Missouri Cannabis Festivals: Cannabis and Alcohol Coexisting Wondergrove got to be part of the historic 4/20 Fest at Smokey River Entertainment District, featuring the legend Wiz Khalifa as the headliner and other talented artists such as Joey Bada$$, Smoke DZA, Chevy Woods, and Berner. It was the first festival to allow both cannabis … Read more