Pinene Terpene: A Breath of Fresh Pine

In the captivating symphony of cannabis terpenes, Pinene stands out with its distinctive scent reminiscent of fresh pine needles. This aromatic compound not only contributes to the delightful fragrance of various cannabis strains but also brings forth a range of potential health benefits. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the invigorating aroma, the numerous … Read more

Caryophyllene Terpene Highlight

In the diverse world of cannabis and terpenes, Caryophyllene stands as a remarkable terpene renowned for its distinctive aroma, potential health benefits, and prevalence in various cannabis strains. Let’s embark on a journey to uncover the enticing fragrance, numerous advantages, and explore some popular strains that feature the Caryophyllene terpene. Caryophyllene Terpene: Aromatic Marvel Caryophyllene … Read more

Purple Ghost Candy Strain Highlight

For cannabis enthusiasts and those looking to explore the diverse world of marijuana strains, the Purple Ghost Candy Flower is a must-try. This exceptional strain, cultivated by Field Trip of MO in Cameron, Missouri, offers an enticing combination of terpenes, captivating flavors, and, of course, the coveted THC content. Experience the Purple Ghost Candy Flower … Read more

Linalool Terpene Highlight

In the captivating world of terpenes, Linalool stands out as a true gem. This aromatic compound, found in various cannabis strains, contributes to their unique scents and has gained recognition for its potential therapeutic effects. Let’s delve into the serene essence of Linalool and discover its numerous facets. Linalool Terpene Effects Linalool offers a range … Read more

Mental Breakdown Strain Highlight

Cannabis enthusiasts and medical users alike are always on the lookout for unique strains that offer distinct flavors and effects. In this exploration, we delve into the “Mental Breakdown” cannabis strain (created by Missouri’s Wondergrove + Field Trip), with a particular focus on its terpene profile, delightful taste, and the fascinating concept of the entourage … Read more

Myrcene Terpene Highlight – Relaxing Aroma and Health Benefits

In the realm of cannabis and terpenes, Myrcene stands out as a versatile and ubiquitous terpene known for its earthy, musky scent and an array of potential health benefits. Join us on a journey to explore the calming aroma, the extensive health advantages, and some popular strains featuring Myrcene. Myrcene: A Pungent Earthiness Myrcene is … Read more

Limonene Terpene Highlight – Invigorating Aroma and Benefits

In the world of cannabis and aromatherapy, terpenes play a crucial role in shaping the flavors, aromas, and effects of different strains. One of the most delightful and beneficial terpenes is Limonene. This terpene is not only responsible for the zesty, citrusy aroma in many cannabis strains but also offers a wide range of potential … Read more

Strawberry Cookies OG Strain

Strawberry Cookies OG is a smooth hitting hybrid strain with a sweet scent reminiscent of strawberries, grapes, incense, and a hint of fuel. Strawberry Cookies Strain Strawberry Cookies OG by is a hybrid of Strawberry OG and Ethos Cookies #16. Here’s why that matters. Strawberry OG claims two heavy hitters as its cannabis ancestors. We’re … Read more

Baby Banner Strain

If you live in Missouri and haven’t tried Baby Banner by Field Trip Flower, make sure to add it to your list of must-try strains. This sweet-smelling, hard-hitting strain is sure to give you a transformative body high reminiscent of Bruce Banner.  Baby BannerGenetics Featuring FieldTrip Flowerby Wondergrove Baby Banner Strain Highlight Baby Banner is a … Read more

Cake Batter Strain

Cake Batter Strain is a tasty and potent phenotype of Wedding Cake. A phenotype is the physical expression of a plant’s genetic composition. For example, Wedding Cake is a hybrid of the strains Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Cherry Pie. The seeds of the female plants of Wedding Cake are considered phenotypes since they’re an expression … Read more