Ohio Recreational Weed 2023 Updates

As the cannabis landscape evolves across the United States, Ohio takes a significant step forward with the recent update to the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). 

Building on our previous discussion of Ohio’s, including the passage of Issue 2, we now present the latest updates shaping the state’s evolving policies. On November 13, 2023, the revised code introduced Chapter 3780, specifically addressing the regulation of adult-use cannabis within the state.

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While the ORC reflects the current state of affairs, it’s crucial to note that the provisions in Chapter 3780 may undergo amendments by Ohio legislators until December 7, 2023—the date when the law is set to take effect.

However, it’s imperative to note that these revisions don’t immediately signal the availability of recreational cannabis in dispensaries. Ohio legislators retain the authority to amend the provisions in Chapter 3780 until December 7, 2023, the designated date when the law is scheduled to take effect.

The regulatory compass for Ohio’s adult-use cannabis program points to the Division of Cannabis Control. Tasked with overseeing the industry, this division will play a pivotal role in setting standards and procedures for various aspects of the program.

The current law establishes THC limits for both plant material and extracts in the adult-use program, with the Division of Cannabis Control holding the power to make adjustments. Home cultivation enthusiasts will find solace in specific regulations dictating plant quantity, cultivation locations, and transfer conditions.

Clear guidelines are set regarding possession and purchasing limits for adult-use cannabis, and a Social Equity and Jobs Program is introduced. This program aims to address the long-lasting consequences of drug-related arrests and provide financial assistance to those directly impacted.

Ohio’s approach to taxation distinguishes between adult-use and medical cannabis. A 10% tax on adult-use cannabis sales will fund social equity initiatives, job creation, economic development, support for host communities, education, treatment, and the administrative costs associated with regulation.

The law outlines the issuance of licenses for dispensaries, cultivation, processing, and testing within nine months of December 7, 2023. Employment provisions clarify the status of individuals using cannabis and the employer’s right to enforce drug-free workplace policies.

To prevent discrimination, the law ensures that the use or possession of adult-use cannabis is not the sole basis for decisions related to child custody, public benefits, or medical care.

Engaging in adult-use cannabis activities alone does not warrant field sobriety tests or legal penalties. The law provides protections for adult-use consumers engaging in authorized activities.

While December 7, 2023, marks the slated commencement of Chapter 3780, Ohio legislators retain the authority to make amendments. Advocates seeking to preserve the law’s current form are urged to engage with their representatives before the deadline.

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