What Gets you High – THC or Terpenes?

How potent is your cannabis? What will get you higher, a strain of marijuana with a lofty THC percentage or one with the right terpene profile? Contrary to what many might believe, answering these questions might not be as simple as looking at the THC percentage listed on the label of your favorite cannabis flower or product.

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Can You Overdose on Weed?

Let’s say you’ve consumed a little too much cannabis. Perhaps you ate an edible not knowing it contained THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Or maybe you took one too many puffs of that potent Field Trip flower. Now, you might wonder if it’s possible to overdose on weed. If this applies to you, good news … the odds … Read more

Why Most Strains are Actually Hybrids

If you have enjoyed the benefits of cannabis for some time, you’ve probably been asked: “do you prefer indicas or sativas?” quite a few times.  You may have even noticed some people get annoyed by this simple question. So, what is it about this simple question that might make someone so frustrated? There are two … Read more

Recipe: CannaButter (Bloom Style)

Cannabis Butter (affectionately referred to as Cannabutter) is a great way to make edibles of your own at home! It’s THE key ingredient in edible staples like magic brownies, cannabis cookies, and versatile enough to let you add a THC kick to foods you incorporate it with. Foods like Cake. French Toast, and even a fine Wagyu Steak can be enhanced with cannabutter – the only limit is your cooking imagination (and maybe a couple supplies).

How the Sun Affects Your High

Have you ever wondered why so many people in warm weather locations, like India, enjoy drinking hot tea? Do they really prefer hot tea over iced tea? Or is there something about a hot drink that can help keep you cool in hot weather? If so, are there other things like hot peppers and cannabis … Read more

How to Clean Your Glass Pipe

If you’re looking for the best way to keep your bong and pipes clean, check out our handy little guide for a quick rundown. We guide you through the classic alcohol and salt method, and ways to keep your glassware clean if you don’t have the essential stuff just laying around.