4/20 Cart Alert: The Official Drop of Professor Cron X

All-Natural, Full-Spectrum, Terpene-Rich THC Concentrates.

We usually post new blogs once a week. But between Wondergrove’s sponsorship of the Smokey River 420 Fest and Bloom’s unbelievable 420 deals at our dispensaries in Missouri, Ohio, and Maryland – we felt a special post was in order to reveal the news of an exclusive product launch coming up on 4/20. 

We’re talking about the official drop of Professor Cron-X Concentrates X Cartridges.

If you live in Missouri near a Bloom dispensary, you could be one of the first to enjoy the Professor’s all-natural, full-spectrum, terpene-rich THC oils and concentrates. That’s because Professor Cron X vape carts will officially drop on 4/20 – but due to high demand and limited product, they’ll only be available at Bloom’s Missouri Dispensaries.

What Is It about the Professor’s Vape Carts That Makes Them So Sought After?

Professor Cron X vape carts are made from borosilicate glass and zirconia ceramic. In other words, they’re metal free. Here’s why that makes them a healthier alternative. 

With metal carts and coils, metal could seep into your THC oil – leaving you inhaling metal when you take a hit. Over the long term, this could lead to health problems.

Since Professor Cron X cartridges are made using natural ceramics and some of the highest standards in the industry, not only do they offer a healthier alternative to metal cartridges, they also provide some of the purest flavor and fattest clouds. 

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It’s Not Hype, It’s Science

Since ceramic is a natural material that is porous, this increases the potential surface area that can be heated – making it possible for you to inhale thicker vape clouds with sick flavor.

This increased surface area that can be heated also means the oil can vaporize quicker – reducing the chance of your oil seeping up the mouthpiece and leaking.

Not only that, but since ceramic is flavorless, Professor Cron X Carts allow you to enjoy the pure flavor of your terpene-rich cannabis oil every time. Ceramic carts are also much more heat resistant than metal carts – which can help to improve the longevity of your battery. 

Before we finish with the science behind Professor Cron X vape carts, let’s get to the part we’re really interested in: the THC Oil.

Full Spectrum, CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil 

Professor Cron X Vape Cartridges are filled with some of the finest, Missouri-sourced full spectrum THC Oil. 

Full spectrum means the THC oil is extracted from the whole cannabis plant – allowing the oil to maintain the full profile of active compounds in the plant. This includes terpenes, flavonoids, sterols, and cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN – giving you access to the full spectrum of potential benefits from your cannabis oil.

As far as the extraction method, the Professor uses CO2 extraction – considered by many to be one of the safest and cleanest methods for extracting cannabis oil from plants.1 

Plus, all of the terpenes in the Professor’s concentrates are organic and derived from fresh cannabis that’s never been frozen. So, unlike some of the competition, Professor Cron X’s vape carts will never contain synthetic or botanical derived terpenes.

Why Do Terpenes Matter?

It is believed that when you combine the proper kinds and amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes it can create a synergetic effect known as The Entourage Effect, which can provide individuals with a unique and more complete cannabis experience.

Bloom understands this and it’s the foundation of what sets us apart from other cannabis dispensaries. Read more about how the right balance of terpenes and cannabinoids could be The Key To Unlocking Your Body’s Natural Healing Powers.

Recommended Temperature for The Smoothest Experience

In case you’re wondering, Professor Cron X vape carts use traditional 510 thread for ease of battery selection. For the smoothest experience, the Professor recommends a variable temp battery set at low to medium heat. But, if that’s not an option an auto draw battery will work as well. 

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All-Natural Harmonious Cannabis Concentrates

Behind all the science that allows Professor Cron X to deliver some of the stickiest terpene rich cannabis oils and concentrates is one simple fact. When you pick up a Professor Cron X vape cartridge you can count on enjoying all-natural harmonious blends with some of the thickest and most flavorful vape clouds around. 

Missouri, Find Out for Yourself Why Professor Cron X Vape Carts Hit So Good

Whether you’re joining us at Smokey River 420 Fest in River Bend, Missouri, or plan on celebrating at home – Bloom wants your 420 celebration to be as dope as it can be. If you live in Ohio, Missouri, or Maryland, stop by your local Bloom dispensary to stock up on cannabis flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and vape carts ahead of the big day. 

And if you live in Missouri make sure to stop in to secure your own Professor Cron X vape cart before they sell out! 

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