Missouri 4/20 – The First Cannabis + Alcohol-Friendly Music Festival

The First Missouri Cannabis Festivals: Cannabis and Alcohol Coexisting

Wondergrove got to be part of the historic 4/20 Fest at Smokey River Entertainment District, featuring the legend Wiz Khalifa as the headliner and other talented artists such as Joey Bada$$, Smoke DZA, Chevy Woods, and Berner. It was the first festival to allow both cannabis and alcohol consumption since the state legalized recreational cannabis in February 2023.

Wondergrove, Fieldtrip, and Professor Cron-X had vendor setups at the location and provided flower + cart promotions to festival goers, including “Baby Banner,” “Runtz,” and “Cake Batter.” This was also the premier of Professor Cron-X’s full spectrum vape carts . Visitors had the opportunity to learn what full-spectrum means, the innovative cart design, and experience what Wondergrove is all about.

Wondergrove Unveiling Field Trip Flower and Professor Cron X Concentrates Booths

As part of the sponsorship, Wondergrove set up photo booth displays where visitors could engage with our brand, receive coupons for products, and get cool merch to rock at the event. Seeing so many people interested in the Missouri led cultivation culture was absolutely awesome. There’s a lot of great Missourians on the ground floor growing flower, creating concentrates, and helping bring a positive light to medical and recreational cannabis.

Field Trip Flower: Festivals Were Better With Buds!

Field Trip had a great presence at the festival with their own photo booth experience. The cozy cabin photo booth featured stickers, lighters, and flower promotions, making it the perfect spot to snap some photos with friends. The booth even had a polaroid camera so that visitors could take home a physical memento of their experience. In addition to the photo booth, visitors could also order Field Trip flower at the festival. It was great to see so many people excited about trying out these terpene focused strains and engaging with the brand. Seeing so many people have fun with the photo booth was definitely a highlight of the festival.

Professor Cron X: Concentrating In The Lab

The premiere of Professor Cron-X at the festival was an exciting moment for the brand. There was a laboratory photo booth where visitors could learn about the Professor’s full-spectrum carts, design choices behind the cart from mouthpieces to concentrate, and meet the team that made them. The Professor Cron-X display also lit up at night, creating a beautiful and eye-catching spectacle. It was a fantastic experience to be able to showcase our products and to see so many people interested in what we’re doing at Wondergrove.

The festival was also a fantastic step in the right direction for recreational cannabis. There were two seperate areas for the show; one area for alcohol consumption with a view of the stage, and cozy Cannabis Village where you could hear everything while browsing all of the amazing vendor products from around Missouri.

Burning with friends while listening to Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, Smoke DZA, Chevy Woods, and Berner

Wiz Khalifa was absolutely legendary. The energy was electric as he performed his hit songs, including “Black and Yellow” and “We Dem Boyz.” It was incredible to see how this all-star lineup of artists brought people of all ages and backgrounds together – there was no better line-up for this 4/20 celebration. All we were missing was Snoop!

Being a part of the first cannabis and alcohol-friendly music festival in Missouri was a blast, especially with how well it went. It was exciting to see the state embrace the changing times and allow for this kind of event. As someone working in the cannabis industry, it was particularly gratifying to see the positive impact that these products can have on people’s lives. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for festivals like this one.