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Here at Bloom Medicinals we are dedicated to furthering medical marijuana research to empower our staff with the best tools to assist patients with their medical condition.


When I started writing about medical cannabis, it didn’t take long for me to discover Rick Simpson. In 2007, he produced an extremely concentrated and potent form of high-THC cannabis oil known as RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) that he used to cure his own skin cancer. He never sold it and he encouraged people to … Read more


Now that the effects of fossil fuel use are known to be causing serious climate damage, it is incredibly important for all governments to switch to renewable energy sources. Industrial hemp may just be the solution to saving the planet. In this article I will describe all the different types of hemp biofuel, give some … Read more


As a medical cannabis patient, you have probably either purchased a cannabis product with the strain name Kush or at least seen it on the menu. Have you ever wondered what Kush means? In this article, I will define Kush, discuss its origins and history, examine what makes it unique, and explain why it is … Read more


Italian cannabis researchers from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the University of Rome, the University of Campania and the Institute of Nanotechnology in Leece, announced the discovery of two new cannabinoids; THCP and CBDP. In this article I will explain their structure and function, and discuss the ramifications of this newest discovery. The … Read more


150 patients in the Illinois MCPP have interstitial cystitis (IC), according to the 2018 annual report recently published by the Illinois Department of Public Health. 2.7% of American women and 1.3% of American men suffer from this painful condition. This post will discuss the symptoms, possible causes and treatments of interstitial cystitis. What is Interstitial … Read more


Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has collaborated with EPM, a US based global biotechnology company, to produce the latest innovation in cannabinoid research. It is called EPM301 and it is a synthesized cannabidiolic acid methyl ester molecule. The researchers believe it is much more potent and effective than CBD and THC with the potential to replace steroids … Read more

Bloom Medicinals Missouri Springfield

Hard work pays off. Not only are we building out four new dispensaries in Missouri, Bloom Medicinals has recently been featured in the Springfield Business Journal. We’re aiming to have four new dispensaries in Cameron, Cape Girardeau, O’Fallon, and Springfield over the next couple of months. The SBJ featured our Springfield project and highlights the … Read more