Missouri Medical Cannabis Laws: What Rights Do You Have?

When Missouri residents voted to legalize medicinal cannabis in November 2018, the state put together the Medical Marijuana Regulatory Program, similar to other programs throughout the United States. With that said, just because one state legalizes cannabis does not mean local laws follow those of other green-friendly states. On the contrary, Missouri cannabis regulations differ … Read more

Bloom Medicinals’ 10 Best Cannabis Products To Improve Your Day

Life isn’t easy, especially when your health makes it extra challenging. Fortunately, there are natural ways to help make it more manageable. For many people, cannabis is one such way. Read on to learn more about top choices among patients at Bloom Medicinals. According to Article XIV of the Missouri Constitution, there are ten medical … Read more

CBD Vs Statins To Control Cholesterol

While statins may lower your LDL cholesterol numbers, some researchers believe it does nothing to protect users from heart attacks or strokes. They also have many adverse side effects which may lead to long-term problems in the future. Studies suggest that CBD may lower blood cholesterol levels and remove plaque. In this article, I will … Read more

Edibles Are Legal At Arkansas Dispensaries

Edibles are available for purchase at Arkansas dispensaries. But, there is a very limited supply of products and there are several restrictions on what type of edible is allowed. Arkansas law does allow medical cannabis patients to make their own edibles at home. In this article I will discuss the restrictions imposed on edibles at … Read more

How To Identify Mold In Cannabis Products

Even cannabis products which are lab tested and sold in dispensaries can develop mold. Temperature, light, humidity and air circulation all play a role in the development of mold. It is harmful to ingest moldy cannabis. That is why it is crucial for all medical cannabis patients to be able to identify mold on their … Read more