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Bloom Medicinals Awarded Medical Cannabis License in Utah

Posted: January 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

In a tough and competitive bidding process, Bloom Medicinals has been awarded another medical cannabis license, this one from the Utah Department of Health (UDOH).

On January 3rd the UDOH announced the companies that won 14 medical cannabis pharmacy licenses. “The companies were selected from more than 130 applications submitted through a competitive bidding process. More than 60 different companies submitted applications,” noted the UDOH website.

An evaluation committee, using several criteria, scored the license applications. According to the UDOH some of the criteria included:

  • Experience in the medical cannabis or other highly-regulated industries
  • Disciplinary action or investigation in other jurisdictions
  • An operating plan that will best ensure the safety and security of cardholders and the community
  • The extent to which an applicant can reduce the cost of medical cannabis
  • Connections to the local community
  • A strategic plan that has a high likelihood of success

“The evaluation committee spent hundreds of hours evaluating applications from companies seeking a limited number of licenses. It was a highly competitive process and some qualified applicants will be left disappointed, but that is the nature of a highly competitive process” said Richard Oborn, Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis at the UDOH.

“The Utah Department of Health is committed to ensuring patients have safe and reliable access to medical cannabis and we are confident the companies selected are best prepared to meet the needs of Utah patients and provide the best value to Utah communities,” Oborn added.

Winning a Medical Cannabis License in a New State

Bloom Medicinals manages a number of medical cannabis businesses in several states and was early licensee in Illinois, Maryland, Ohio and Arkansas.

“We’re thrilled yet again to win another medical cannabis license, especially in a new state,” said Nicole van Rensburg, CEO of Bloom Medicinals. “It’s always a tough application process, our team did a great job and we’re certainly honored Utah chose us. It shows the Utah Department of Health  trusts us and knows we’ll deliver top-quality medical marijuana and compassionate care at an affordable price.”

Bloom Medicinals will be building the medical marijuana dispensary (called a medical cannabis pharmacy by the UDOH) on newly-purchased land in Cedar City, in the southwest corner of the state (about 250 miles southwest of Salt Lake City).

“Projects like this one are always exciting,” said van Rensburg. “We’ll be creating local construction, electrical, plumbing and other jobs while building the site and more jobs once we staff the dispensary.”

Bloom Medicinals was also recently awarded two medical marijuana cultivation licenses in the state of Missouri. One cultivation site will be in O’Fallon, near St. Louis, and the other will be in Plattsburg, outside of Kansas City. Bloom Medicinals will also be building new facilities at both of these sites.

A Compassionate, Personable Approach to Medical Marijuana

Bloom Medicinals provides high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis products from state-licensed growers, cultivators and processing centers.

All of our dispensaries create a friendly, caring patient experience in an environment reflective of the community the medical marijuana dispensary serves. We then strive every day to go beyond the standards for operational excellence, compliance and security set by each respective state. 

We employ professionally trained and knowledgeable staff that provide one-on-one interactions and compassionate care to our patients to help them reach a better quality of life.

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